11 (more!) go to brands for cruelty free skin care in India: Part 2

Here is a list of 11 cruelty free skin care brands that have never caused trauma to an animal and will never cause trauma to your skin because they are natural.

A while ago, we made a list of 11 go to brands for cruelty free skin care in India. But there were still so many other brands out there that are environmentally conscious and animal-friendly, we decided to do an entire new list.

Here are 11 more brands, that you, as a green shopper should know of.

1. Soul Tree

Soul tree

Soul Tree sources its ingredients from certified organic farms and natural forests. Ethical forest regeneration practices are followed and fresh Ayurvedic extracts are made. They are the only Indian brand to have all their products carry a “Natural” certification from the reputed European Certification Agency, BDIH Germany. Their products include lipsticks, kohls, creams, showers, soaps and gels. You can look for them in organic stores all over India.

2) Prakriti Herbals

prakriti herbals

Prakriti Herbals believes in the Vedanta philosophy, which emphasizes that nature has always provided an abundance of plants, roots, flowers and herbs rich in vitamins, enzymes, proteins and minerals that have been used in body and skin-care from time immemorial. A lot of research goes into their herbal formulation which are designed to be of optimum quality, and are 95% natural. Their Facebook page is active and regularly updates new products available, which can be purchased online.

3) Naked


Naked is a line of organic beauty products by model and actress, Lisa Haydon – all products handmade by herself! She does not use chemical preservatives and assures that her products are 100% natural with a shelf-life between 1-6 months. They are available for purchase online.

4) Vert


Vert’s products are manufactured in a smoke free environment and are 100% vegetarian (contains no animal fat) and are not tested on animals. Their ingredients include oils, herbs & botanicals sourced from across the world, and have long lasting fragrance. They have a very colourful list of natural ingredients which you can review here. Vert was started by Anupama Malhotra in 2011, and the products are available for purchase on their website.

5) Vegetal


Vegetal has several certifications including ISO, AYUSH and REACH. They have hair care, skin care, and eye care products and also natural hair dyes. They believe in environment preservation at every step, including waste discharge and water conservation. You can view and purchase the range of products they have on their website.

6) Biobloom


All Biobloom products are free from parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals & heavy metals and don’t disrupt the natural equilibrium of your skin. Biobloom has eye gels, facewashes, anti dandruff solutions, facial kits and more. Their products are available for purchase on their website where they also offer natural tips and home remedies. Stay updated through their Facebook page.

7) Astaberry


This line is owned by the House of Bhimsaini and offers a range of solutions that can be classified under skin care, body care, facials and Nutrispa. They have combined the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic skin care with modern laboratories and processing equipment which offers their customers the best of both worlds.  Astaberry products are available on flipkart and Organic Shop.

8) Do Bandar

do bandar

Based in Bangalore, this was started by Mayura and Kaavya who work with a team of well renowned Ayurvedic doctors from Thirthahalli, Shimoga. Their products are tested only on themselves and other people who consensually agree to be tested. They even have chemical free products for pets! They use recycled paper and packaging material, and even hand wrap their soaps in banana fiber paper. They have a production unit on the farm and like to keep all activity in one place to cut down their carbon footprint. You can shop online at Do Bandar. (Source)

9) Soap for Soul

soap for soul

Soap for Soul was started by the husband-wife duo of Akshay Rao and Kasturi Rajaram in December 2012. All their ingredients are ethically sourced from their travels all over India, and many of their soaps are so natural that they are edible! They also make kajals, lip balms, and customize soaps according to the kind of ingredients, shape and design that you want. They have a store in Bangalore and also products for purchase on their website.

10) Samasth Natural

samasth naturals

Their soaps are made by letting alkali and oil react naturally in a slow process that takes up to six weeks to complete. They use natural herbs, pure flower, fruit and oil extracts. The bars are coloured from natural pigments and made from food grade oils. You can find their products at Vriksh organic store or check out their website to contact them.

11) Soil and Earth

soil and earth

This brand has handmade soaps, massage oils, hair oils, shower washes. They tap into the recipes and ingredients used by our grandparents, and leverage that knowledge in their products.

We hope this list will help you be a responsible shopper, while attaining your personal goals towards natural beauty and wellness.

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