[Quiz] Food or fashion? How many of these materials can you identify?

The materials these clothes are made of will have you wondering if they’re food or fashion. How many can you guess correctly?

While it might be hard for us to imagine wearing anything other than the trusty cottons, silks, and synthetics we know, designers and scientists are working hard to develop alternative raw materials for today’s polluting, resource-intensive fashion industry.

From athletic gear made of coffee grounds to kombucha bomber jackets and LBDs made of wine, our two favourite worlds, that of food and fashion, are closer than they’ve ever been before.

Take this quiz and see how many of these revolutionary fibres and materials you can identify.


All images courtesy Bhu:sattva.

The Sustainable Fashion Hub is a series that examines shifts in the the global fashion industry to more sustainable and ethical practices and processes, with a special focus on India. It explores what goes into creating a just and sustainable fashion value chain – from the creation of garments and lifestyle accessories to making them available to consumers. All content on the hub is produced with 100% editorial independence by The Alternative. 

The Hub is supported by logo, India’s first certified organic fashion designer brand in India. With products that are directly sourced from organic cotton farmers at fair trade terms. Bhu:Sattva® uses natural colours, vegetable and herb dyes and goes further to work on reviving various forms of traditional weaving and handloom. Information on its products and processes can be found at http://www.bhusattva.com





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