Reinvention: Giving worn and torn a whole new look

From upcycled clothes, bedsheets to pouches, bags, and cushion covers, Reinvention helps you keep your favourite old stuff closer in a new way.

That old wedding saree which you love but can’t wear as it is “out of fashion” now; that polka-dotted skirt that doesn’t quite fit any more; the pretty dupatta with a border that doesn’t match with anything. Everyone’s cupboard is filled with many love-it-but-can’t-wear-it clothes that they don’t know what to do with.

Beautiful curtains made out of old saree.

Along comes Re-invention. They provide beautiful solutions to your old fabric – from upcycled clothes to bedsheets, pouches, bags, and cushion covers. They have a wide variety of options to help you keep your favourite old stuff closer in a new way.

Varsha Kariya from the organization shares the journey of Reinvention and everything else you need to know about them.

Upcycled bed sheets and cushions to brighten up your living room.

The stitch beyond time

The organisation is hardly two months old – they started on February 14, 2014 with a simple objective to “use the unused”. The team of three that includes Prachala Anupmeya, Chitra Gupta, and Kariya soon turned this hobby into a profession.

“We started with collecting old clothes from the nearby apartments and organized a mini sale there. When we got a huge response, we decided to take it seriously,” says Kariya.

Sudheer from Lake Innovation approached them to be part of Vibhutipura lake renovation. Reinvention donates all their profits to the noble cause of the lake renovation. “We all know what the condition of Bangalore’s lakes is. We happily agreed and it also helps to build the goodwill,” says Kariya.

As they use old clothes and material, they don’t require much finance to run the business. “We just charge the basic stitching charges depending on the efforts and time spent on a particular product,” says Kariya.

ipad pouch made from old saree cloth.

In the labs of re-invention

Reinvention tries to cover a good variety ranging of products ranging from pouches, side bags to cushion covers and bed sheets. Reinvention has also tried their hands in making yoga mats from old jeans material, skirts for kids from old suits etc. The products are available for customers of all age groups.

Cute owl pillow for kids made from old cloth.

“We don’t have a particular kind of product; we customize it according to people’s needs. If they come and ask us to make something for them we would do it. We have made really nice bags from old school uniforms,” Kariya says.

The challenge

The biggest challenge this team faces is to find good quality clothes. “People are not in a habit of throwing or giving away something until they have used it to the last thread,” says Kariya, which is probably good news for our generation that is a lot more use and throw.

“The clothes are old but the product has to be aesthetic. For that we obviously need good quality clothes,” she adds.

Yoga and tripod covers made out of old jeans

Reinvention has now entered into a contract with local boutiques who provide them material regularly. This has somewhat solved the problem of bad quality clothes. “Finance is not that big an issue for us as we don’t require any costly material or equipment,” says Kariya.

“We haven’t planned big things yet but we would like to open a store. We would also like to take up bulk orders,” says Kariya

Currently, they sell through various flea markets, exhibitions, and home deliveries.

A soft quilt for kids made from various patches of old cloth.

Every piece of used cloth has a bright future

“Be innovative!” all the three partners say together with a big grin. “Don’t waste any piece of cloth, everything can be reused. Bring it to us and we would make it reusable,” says Kariya.

Kariya also urges people to use cloth bags whenever they go out for shopping and avoid needless plastic generation.

“The support we have received so far form family and friends has been tremendous. The response from the customers has been good too, if everything goes well we will plan to scale it up,” says Kariya.

An old school skirt – Re-invented!

Reinvent products can be ordered online at – and their Facebook page.

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Shreya Pareek is a development journalist who is passionate about grassroot change and sustainable living. Follow her on twitter @shreya08 more


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Shreya Pareek is a development journalist who is passionate about grassroot change and sustainable living. Follow her on twitter @shreya08 more

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