Purna Organics: grow your veggies in-the-box

Self-watering planters, ready-to-go planting mixes, seeds, pest blasters – Purna Organics offers people a chance to grow and eat green!

Over 1,000 new chemicals are introduced each year into our food chain with little or no safety testing, adding to the 80,000 existing chemicals. 60 to 80% of all cancers are a direct result of chemicals in our air, water, and food.

Vegetables without chemicals are both healthier and tastier.

This research by authors of the book “Safer For Your Baby: A Guide to Living Better with Fewer Chemicals” draws attention to the number of elements we add to our systems – through food, skin products, cleaning and so on – without a scant understanding of what they do to our bodies.

Purna Organics started with an objective to reduce our daily use of chemicals by starting with the stuff that is most pumped with synthetic additives – our food.  Through self watering planter boxes making use of spaces of different sizes in balconies and terraces, Purna Organics is looking to get more people to grow their own food, right in their backyards.

Started five years ago out of a passion for organic cultivation, Purna Organics is headed by Mallesh Tigali, an IT services professional with 22 years of industry experience and focuses on high density vegetable growing that is optimum for space-crunched city living. “We also have a host of supporting products such as organic manure and pesticides and tools to help you simplify growing your vegetables while making it a fun activity that you could involve your children with as well,” says Sarath Sribhasyam of Purna.

A garden that can water itself

Their main product is the self-watering planter box – which simply connects to a tap and draws water as needed. The water moves upward into organic growing media (developed by Purna organics) by capillary action which in turn is used by plants. Multiple sets of planter boxes can be interconnected to a single water source and can conveniently be placed on the terrace, balcony, back yards etc.

Ready-to-go planting mixes

In addition, Purna manufactures Mitti which enriches organic manure. Purna mitti is ready planting mix made of plant growth media, various organic cakes, minerals, abundant microorganisms and cocopeat. This unique combination provides healthy, living growth media needed for optimum plant growth. It does not contain soil and hence is light in weight making it suitable for container gardening. The other products are Pura Nutri Rich, enriched vermin compost, Purna Bloom+ and Purna Glow+, organic growth promoters, Purna Herbal Power and, Purna Nimo, Organic pest control systems.

Purna is in the process of getting their products certified and is looking to further focus on expanding across India through franchise models. “Our mission is to provide everything that is required to maintain a terrace garden – seeds, tools, organic growth promoters and pest control systems,” says Sribhasyam.

Finding the right gardeners

Sourcing and retaining employees is one of the key challenge the organization faces. “We look for employees who are patient in gardening, customer focussed and of course good in problem solving,” says Sribhasyam.

Being from IT services industry, the Purna Organics team is process focused and customer centric. “It has been a refreshing experience in personally involving in creating prototype models and experimenting how various things impact the growth of plant,” says Sribhasyam.

Sribhasyam believes affordable, fresh and organic produce will greatly help city dwellers up their green living by a notch. “Most importantly the kids will start learning the importance of growing plants,” says Sribhasyam.

All pics courtesy: Purna Organics

Purna Organics is located at BTM 4th Phase, Vijayabank Colony, Bangalore. Contact- +9180 2658 7680. email- contactus@purnaorganics.com

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Shreya Pareek is a development journalist who is passionate about grassroot change and sustainable living. Follow her on twitter @shreya08 more


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Shreya Pareek is a development journalist who is passionate about grassroot change and sustainable living. Follow her on twitter @shreya08 more

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