Green Foodie Recipes: Try this CoBean Burger for a wholesome vegan burger experience

CoBean Burger: A wholesome vegan burger with corn and bean burger in a celery pesto sandwich.

By Rakesh Raghunathan and Preeti Mohan

The immediate associations with the term ‘burger’ are ‘delicious’, ‘juicy’ and of course, ‘unhealthy’. What’s a burger without that generous smattering of a rich sauce, thick slices of cheese, and layers of patty and bun so huge it covers your face? The burger is quintessentially American [claims of it having originated in a steak-house in Connecticut are apparently disputed], and like all things American, is big and bountiful. I recall the number of times I’ve tucked into a giant sized burger, packing in oodles of calories, and throwing health concerns to the winds. There is something bloody good about biting into a good old burger, and feeling like you don’t care if you live tomorrow.

This was until the age clock chimed 30, and stories spread of the burger malaise – claims of use of genetically modified meat and vegetables, and preservatives so deep that the thing can survive Paleolithic rocks. It didn’t seem like so much fun anymore. With the sense of immortality and young abandon now gone, I looked for a burger that would kill with its taste while keeping my longevity intact.

Like ‘Hamburger’ was the buzzword for a large part of the 20th century, ‘vegan’ and ‘wholesome’ are in the 21st.  Not ones to buck the trend, we tried our hand at this vegan version, with a sprightly celery pesto. Hopefully, the latest buzzwords will last as long as the Hamburger, and so will I, eating this wholesome, vegan CoBean Burger, a burger with corn and bean patty in a celery pesto sandwich.

vegan cobean burger

CoBean Burger


• Mixed lentils (Red kidney beans, lobia and black chick peas) soaked and boiled – 2 cups
• Carrots chopped – 1 cup
• Onions chopped – 1/2 cup
• Basil leaves – 3-4
• Kitchen king powder – 1 tsp
• Honey – 1 tsp
• Lemon juice – from 1 medium lemon
• Corn grits / dalia/ corn meal – 4 tbsp
• Salt – to taste
• Oil for shallow frying: Olive oil – 5 tbsp

For layering the sandwich

• Celery pesto – 2 tsp (recipe below this one)
• Tomatoes – 1 small (cut in rounds)


1. Add contents mentioned under ‘ingredients’ into a blender and grind coarsely (coarser than a falafel mixture)

2. Make small balls and pat between your palms to make burger style patties.

3. Coat the patties with corn grits/dalia/corn meal to give you the extra crunch and wholesome texture when you bite.

4. Add oil to the frying pan and shallow fry till golden brown.

5. Coat both sides of whole wheat bread with celery pesto and tomato slices.

6. Place the patties between both slices and bite into this beauty, guilt free.

Note: In case your patties fall apart while shallow frying, you could add some chick pea (besan) flour to the mixture. This recipe is completely vegan and you can add some slices of fresh tofu in the sandwich. For the non-vegans you could add some mozzarella cheese too.

Celery Pesto


• Celery leaves – 2 cups
• Garlic – 2-3 cloves
• Salt – 1 tsp
• Freshly ground whole pepper – 1 tsp
• Olive oil – 2 tbsp


1. Steam the celery leaves for 2 minutes till it turns a rich green. Set aside to cool.

2. In a blender, add the other contents mentioned under ingredients along with the steamed celery leaves.

3. Grind to a fine paste and store in the refrigerator/ freezer in an air tight container.

Note: We didn’t add pistachios or walnuts to the pesto. Feel free to add some if you wish. Add a spoonful of this while making a white/béchamel sauce for pasta to create that extra zing!

About the authors: Preeti Mohan is a lawyer and writes on food, the arts, and culture. Rakesh Raghunathan is a food entrepreneur, singer, photographer and hosts his own cookery show on tv.


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