‘Untamed Cities’ – An urban ecology photo competition

Capture the call of the wild in your own backyard for a chance to win prizes upto Rs. 5,000 and be a part of the Green Bazaar exhibition.

“And I think that the environment is one very strong way to counterbalance the chaotic nature of our life.”

— Minoru Yamasaki

Even as we’ve managed to turn our cities into concrete jungles, there’s only as much as one degree of separation from the vast diversity of nature and wildlife breathing next to us. You don’t need to escape the city nor petition for long weekend leaves to discover the purity of nature and wildlife in all its grandiose when it thrives right in your backyard.

Hard to believe? Just whip out a camera (and no it doesn’t need to be a DSLR) and step out of your four walls and you will go bonkers discovering so much under your lens that otherwise escaped your attention and appreciation. Shoot the myna singing sweet hymns perched on a mango tree, capture the frog squatting his life away on a lotus leaf in your neighbourhood lake or zoom into the polka dotted designs of a lady bug’s life. Who knows, you might even spot a unicorn!

The Alternative in association with Thalam, a creative space in Bangalore,  is hosting a photo competition on everything that exists as a part of our urban ecology today. Curated by famed Bangalore photographer, Peevee (Founder of Thalam), ‘Untamed Cities’ is a way to realize, revisit and ultimately, revive the natural jungle that hasn’t been diminished as yet in the name of development. Untamed Cities looks to redefine urbanization as a way of life in a balanced and diverse ecosystem shared alike by humans, flora and fauna. Here are the 5 categories that you can shoot and send your entries on:

1. Urban watering holes
2. The wise ol’ trees
3. Creepy crawlies in my backyard
4. Beaming flowers
5. Birds of many feathers
6. Wild urban plants

Send us your best photographs (up to 10 entries per person) in 600×400 resolution of upto 100kb in size along with an accurate description of the species and a witty caption to contribute@thealternative.in. Photographs will be judged partly (50%) for their composition, depth and detail by our panel (composed of The Alternative Editor-in-Chief, Aarti Mohan and Photographer and Co-founder of Thalam, Peevee) and 50% based on the number of Facebook likes on the post in The Alternative (Please note that no. of likes on the photo on Facebook will not be counted). Submit your entries by the 10th of June, 2014.

The best 3 photographs stand a chance to win coupons/vouchers worth upto Rs. 10,000, and 25 of the best entries will be exhibited in The Alternative’s 6thWorld Environment Day special‘ edition of The Green Bazaar – a bi-monthly weekend market that celebrates earth-friendly living.

So shoot at sight and show the spoils of your wild discoveries on a fun, colourful and refreshing  Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm at The Green Bazaar on June 8th, at The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) Lawns, Domlur, Bangalore – 560025.


1. No entry fee for participation.

2. To participate, send us your photograph(s) labelled with a file name, which states the category, the title of the image, the city in India where you took the image and the name of the photographer.

3. A maximum of ten photographs per person will be accepted. Please ensure that the photographs you send in are not more than 100 kb in size, and at a resolution of 150 dpi or less (though we will later request selected photographs in higher resolution).

3. This competition is only open to photographs taken in tier 1 and 2 cities of India and not in the rural areas, forests or zoo/national parks.

4. The copyright of the photographs will remain with the photographer. By participating, you grant permission to the organisers to use your images in marketing collaterals and/or exhibitions. By participating in the competition, you accept that you are the sole owner/author of each entry.

5. This contest is open to anyone presently residing in India.

6. No entries will be accepted later than the 10th of June, 2014.

For any queries, get in touch at contribute@thealternative.in


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