Vriksh: Making your organic roots stronger

From bamboo apparel to organic superfood, Vriksh brings wholesome, healthy, sustainable products to the doorstep of the conscious shopper.

With a city where consciousness around healthy, pesticide-free food is growing rapidly, neighbourhood stores that combine awareness around healthier food with weekend melas, talks and demonstrations even as they stock a variety of organic produce, is also growing. One such store in North Bangalore is Vriksh – The Organic Store, that sells everything from organic vegetables and super-food like flax seeds to bamboo underpants and organizes weekend subzi mandis bringing together farmers besides providing pleasant environs to shop healthy.

We chat with the women trio behind Vriksh to discover more:

Mamatha Rangan, Malini Vijayakumar and Manjula Dutt and their keen interest in the art of traditional and modern cooking and a passion for making available the rich and varied range of traditional foodgrains that are part of our heritage, opened the doors for a healthy food store in Vyalikaval, Malleswaram.

The store offers a variety of organic certified products ranging from vegetables to foodgrains and soaps.

The product line

Vriksh’s goal is to bring wholesome, healthy, sustainable products closer home to consumers. Their store stocks  a wide variety of organic certified products like flour, grains, pulses, cereals, spices, tea and coffee, honey, cold pressed oils, organic ghee, health drinks and juices, dry fruits and nuts, whole grain pastas, ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook foods, handmade soaps and many home made food products.

Wanting to encourage the culture of people growing their own gardens and food, Vriksh stocks various plants and organic seeds for home gardens, manure, compost and Panchagavya. Vriksh also recently launched its own brand of products – incense sticks (agarbathis), laundry products, toothpaste, soaps, gels, face packs, lip balms and healing balms, shampoos and other personal care products.

Farmers at the weekend subzi mandi

They organize a weekly vegetable market, where they get fresh vegetables, fruits and greens grown in Neelamangala and farms around Bangalore. Vriksh also sell cloth bags, the proceeds of which are donated to help a foundation.

The passion for healthy living made three sisters open an organic store Vriksh.

Reaching out to the conscious consumer

“Personal presence and attention at the store and direct interaction with our customers have been the best way to engage more people,” says Malini. They effectively use social media to communicate and interact with customers. “It is quick and ensures a vast audience,” she says. They also conduct events at the store to reach out to customers.

Going forward, Vriksh plans to make all their organic products and produce accessible to a larger number of people, and help the society in propagating better health and lifestyles in the community.

“Organic food is, as we know, marginally costlier. So convincing people that the extra cost is worth the returns continues to be a challenge,” says Malini. 

You can buy Vriksh’s products at their store Vyalikaval, No. 88, 3rd Main Road,Bangalore, India 560003 and their website.

All pics: Vriksh

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Shreya Pareek is a development journalist who is passionate about grassroot change and sustainable living. Follow her on twitter @shreya08 more


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Shreya Pareek is a development journalist who is passionate about grassroot change and sustainable living. Follow her on twitter @shreya08 more

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