Waste to Wow: A soda can piggy bank

Waste to Wow: Create a saving bank in that waste soda can and save money!

Name: Aditi Ashok
Class: V
School: Lady Andal School


The used can of soda can be used as piggy bank!

And a little bit of magical, creative thinking is just what you need – to transform daily junk or trash into something beautiful, into something Wow! The Alternative and Parent Circle in Chennai present a fun contest for schoolchildren – From Waste to WOW!

Targeted at children in schools in Chennai from Class 1 – to Class 8, ‘From Waste to Wow’, is all about getting children to express how they care about the world and what they could do creatively to sustain it. It seeks to introduce concepts about recycling, waste, reuse, and the environment in a fun fashion to kids, so they can take pride in becoming champions of sustainability in their schools, home and neighbourhood.

To participate, please email to editor@thealternative.in or info@parentcircle.in with the subject line ‘From Waste to Wow’ , your name, school name and which grade before 7th September to be considered. 

Read more about the competition here.


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