World Environment Day: What are the #thingsyoucanlivewithout?

On World Environment Day, tweet to us about all the #thingsyoucanlivewithout in life and let it be your challenge for a healthier environment.

Anyone know the first rule of eco friendly living? REDUCE. You know what’s the toughest part in switching to a more sustainable lifestyle? REDUCE. Do you know what most people typically adopt as a way to live more green? Not reduce.

Despite what research or environmentalists may have exposed about the increasing carbon footprints of our cars, detergents, appliances or homes – advertisers and marketeers know which part of our consumerist heart to tug. In an article in Down to Earth, Aparajita Sengupta writes, “From “eco-friendly air-conditioners” to herbal shampoos, from “green realty” to “nature-wise bottled water” and ecotourism, there is a green choice in most purchasing decisions that we make”.

While we make decision as a conscious consumer, shouldn’t we take stock of our existing resources? It means as little as nothing to buy eco friendly wood when you’re dumping furniture that just needs a makeover? Do you really want that latest version of mobile phone if what you have serves your current needs well? Love the oceans and the beaches – you wouldn’t imagine how far a ‘simple’ deed like buying mineral water bottles go, let alone compromising on segregation or recycling. Don’t believe us? Watch this video.

On World Environment Day, tweet us about all the #thingsyoucanlivewithout (yes, use this hashtag!) that reduces pressure on our limited natural resources and let it be your challenge for a day, a week, a month, a year, a decade or forever to go without it.

The tweet with the highest number of retweets gets a special gratitude from us, which will be surely something you can live with (but only open to those currently residing in India. Sorry!).


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