(Y)early review: 10 sustainable clothing brands that caught our eye in 2015

2015 has been a great year for eco-fashion, with brands like these giving us much to look forward to!

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With more and more people understanding that a sustainable way of life is not only better but also a need, the fashion industry is not far. Anita Dongre started her own eco-friendly line, Grassroots back in 2007. FabIndia has maintained its tradition of products made with traditional techniques and natural materials. Brands and designers have realised the polluting and transient nature of fast fashion and switched over to the green side. Young designers are bringing out new ideas to minimize textile waste, maximize cloth production and achieve 100% sustainability across the value chain.

Necklaces made by upcycling saris, bamboo fibre crop tops, soy protein gowns, and the softest handwoven woollen stoles – 2015 has been a great year for eco-fashion, giving us much to look forward to!

Here are few game changing sustainable fashion and lifestyle brands in India:

1. Bhusattva

India’s first certified organic designer apparel brand; Bhusattva products are directly sourced from organic cotton farmers. They believe in conserving the beauty of nature and using traditional techniques like hand-weaving, hand block printing, and indegenous art forms to adorn their creations. They use natural colours, vegetable and herbal dyes, and are known for their clothing in sustainable, innovative materials like bamboo, pina fibre, milk, and soy protein.


2. Doodlage

Doodlage designs quirky high street fashion with minimal wastage of material. The founder, Kriti Tula decided to start designing clothes when she witnessed how much waste textile industries generated. Doodlage takes good quality industrial fabric waste and re-designs it to look chic.


No two Doodlage garments are the same.

3. The Summer House

Who would have thought that sustainability could be luxurious too? The Summer House strives to do just that, along with reminding you of the lazy summer afternoons spent doing nothing. They use traditional craft techniques that make the fabric softer with each wash. Designed to last, their minimalist prints are created with utmost attention to detail and natural raw materials.


Clothes that give you the idlyllic feeling of summer all year long.

4. Aranya Naturals

Aranya gathers natural plenty – leaves, seeds, flowers, and nuts and uses them to prepare natural dyes in various colours. They use traditional methods for extracting the dye from the raw material. But their higher aim is to provide sustainable livelihoods to the craftsmen and differently abled in Munnar through the sale of their natural dyed fabrics.


Drape yourself in nature with Aranya’s sarees.

5. EN:WE

The name comes from the words ENvironment and WE, emphasizing that we should design for the environment. This quirky clothing brand uses only organic cotton, as it helps the farmers get a fairer price and saves them from exposure to pesticides. They feel that sustainable fashion in fun, young designs can go a long way in creating awareness about the environment around us.



6. Avani of Kumaon

A voluntary organisation based in Kumaon, Avani works with rural communities in the hills to renew traditional skills of hand spinning, weaving, and natural dyeing to build sustainable farm and craft based livelihood opportunities in situ. Under the brand name Avani, the organisation produces and sells a range of handcrafted woollens and naturally dyed fabrics.


Hand-woven and naturally dyed neck candy

7. Forty Red Bangles

A line of organic women’s and kids’ wear, handmade toys, upcycled lifestyle products, and handcrafted jewellery, Forty Red Bangles aims to be socially conscious and ecologically sensitive in its processes. The brand partners with development organisations working with disadvantaged communities who produce many of the items sold.


Looks cute on kids and is absolutely healthy for their skin too.


8. Upasana

Born with the idea of using fashion design for change, Upasana ventured into the world of social development with a strong focus on application of design for social welfare after the tsunami in 2004. The brand has a number of projects through which it works with producers across the value chain – farmers, weavers, dyers, and others who are involved in creating a garment. Paruthi, a line of organic clothing was created following 7 years of working closely with farmers from Tamil Nadu. Recently, Upasana launched its ‘Art-to-Wear’ line of upcycled dresses, made of leftover fabric.


100% organic cotton, handcrafted dresses and more.

9. Organic Fibre Clothing

Launched in 2015, the brand is the latest addition to India’s sustainable fashion landscape. A range of GOTS certified options are available for men, women, children, and infants. The brand claims to be free of non-toxic dyes, heavy metals, and pesticides.


Cute and safe options for infants

10. House of Wandering Silk

A New Delhi based brand, House of Wandering Silk is dedicated to producing clothing, accessories and items of home decor that are sustainable for the artisans crafting them, for communities the artisans belong to, for the environment, and for the consumer. The brand claims to use exclusively upcycled, organic and hand-made materials.



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The Hub is supported by logo, India’s first certified organic designer apparel brand. With products that are directly sourced from organic cotton farmers at fair trade terms. Bhu:Sattva® uses natural colours, vegetable and herb dyes and goes further to work on reviving various forms of traditional weaving and handloom. Information on its products and processes can be found at http://www.bhusattva.com




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