15 reasons why we need feminism in India

Need a reason for feminism in India? Here’s 15.

Are feminists a bunch of raving extremist bra-burning/stick-wielding women who are out to ‘get back’ at men? Or is a feminist, as Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie  puts it in her Ted-Talk, “a person who believes in the social, political, economic equality of the sexes”?

Feminism seems like a relatively new concept in India, but even a brief glance at history could tell you that feminism started long back with the struggle of the suffragists.

With every new wave, the  movement has since evolved to become more inclusive of more sections of society .

The woman’s movement’s ability polarise society with protests and other means of activism, to question society’s lack of inclusivity is what makes this movement so appealing.

The students of  Oxford and Cambridge University were the first to ask the public, to define, meant to them, in their first “I Need Feminism” campaign, which sparked a trend across universities spanning across countries.

India saw its first ‘I Need Feminism’ campaign at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology (IGIT) and Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD), organised by Japleen Pasricha and Gaytri Vyas.

We’ve handpicked a few interesting responses from the multitude they received:


Give this man an award, for being nice!



If one girl with courage is a revolution, imagine what feats we can achieve together.”


Hear! Hear!

You nailed it for me!



Literally and metaphorically amusing!


Sad, but true.

Be it female-infanticide, acid-attacks, or rapes. We really need to turn this around


Let’s fight till that fine day.


What is it with people and the way, we sit or dress?





Check [x] , in your mind,if :

[ ] You were impressed with his usage of  the word “hegemony“.

[ ] You were amused that he got bored.


Simple and to the point.


*Singing Single ladies really loudly…in my head*

(Don’t wait for Prince charming, be able to rescue yourself)


Women should be allowed to talk more openly about their sexuality, without being bashed for it.


It’s a woman’s world too!


Harassment needs to stop.

If you want to see more pictures, check out their facebook album and support Feminism in India!

Are you feeling bad that you missed an opportunity to express your views on feminism? Then show your solidarity by participating in the online version of the ‘I Need Feminism’ campaign; park yourself on your favourite sofa, just click a picture, and hit send.

Shruthi Sara is an Editorial Intern with The Alternative. The Alternative editorial internship is a chance for students and working professionals across the globe to work with the magazine’s editors in creating real-time content, photo and video stories and more while exploring the fascinating world of sustainability and social impact as it unfurls around us. Write to editor@thealternative.in if you are interested in exploring an internship.


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  • saloni

    All of that is also achievable by humananism.and y are ignoring that feminism creates a word of reverse sexism Western world is d living example. Both feminism and meninism are extremism of gender equality .we have fifty gender biased law against men.we do not have Amen welfare minister , on men’s health 50%lesser money is invested if compared to women, nobody raised voice when men are sexually objectified and portrayed as sexual predators , when men comit suicide twice as that of women , when men are forced to play the role of protector and provider .lets accept it feminism demonizes men shames them by blaming them for all d violence in d world.does not do anything for their rights rather considers them as oppressor s.y don’t you choose humanism rather feminism.feminism shames women to rape hysteria is a feministic creation.gender equality can only be achieved if we focus equally on both gender issues and not just only one gender.