Autism Is A Cat: ‘Early intervention made a tremendous change for our son’

Chitra and Solomon write about how early intervention for autism with their son, Jude, led to two great, productive years at Com DEALL.

By Chitra and Solomon 

We thought our son Jude was developing normally, hitting all his milestones at the appropriate age. He was even using words like mamma, Dadda, Hi, etc.

At about 20 months, he began to withdraw, keeping to himself . He would walk around the house with all his toys in his hands, never playing with them. He loved watching nursery rhyme CDs over and over again, and never acquired a new language. At 2 years and 8 months, we knew he was different. He just did not interact with people, and had no eye contact. This disturbed us a lot. He hated social gatherings, going to malls, crowded places, closed places like lifts, etc. We as parents were helpless and had no clue what was happening with him.

Chitra with her son, Jude

We took our son to a child psychologist and he was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). It shocked us completely and it was very difficult to accept the diagnosis as parents. That was the first of the many nights that we lay awake crying.

But deep within our hearts, we knew we had to help our son. We viewed all possibilities, put our trust in god, and learned to keep our hope alive and persist. How do we do this? It was definitely not the kind of challenge we wanted to take on all by ourself. We felt so desperate, alone, and fearful in the beginning. We knew we needed to change our perspective and attitude in order to make this step with our son happen in a productive way.

The first reference made by the psychologist to help Jude was Com DEALL.

We have seen tremendous changes in our son’s life from the last two years at Com deall in all aspects in Jude’s life – meaningful speech, good eye contact, interaction, and expressing his love and affection for his parents, grandparents, and relatives, and he is also more comfortable in social gatherings, malls, parks, and crowded places.

Com Deall has worked so closely with him and helped our son, which has created a very positive impact in his mainstream school and we are so happy as parents to hear a positive feed back from his class teacher that Jude is the best and intelligent student in his class. We noticed as parents from the last two years, that the entire team works with love, passion, commitment, respect, and with the most experienced and supportive therapists and staff helping Jude.

Early intervention has given us tremendous confidence and hope that things are changing for good and although we know we have to overcome many hurdles and challenges, we are positive that our life together will be a wonderful journey.

This article has been written by parents of a child currently undergoing early intervention at the Communication DEALL program at Bangalore H.O.

Are you a parent raising a child with a different ability? Tell us your story of acceptance, pride, struggle and challenge with education, family and society to bring the best out of your child. Write to us at

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Author: Chitra


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