How do we decrease the number of road accidents? By empowering children to be filmmakers and road safety champions

The objective of CineArt Steer to Safety program has been to bring a change in outlook towards road behavior by engaging children through various creative mediums like film making and art workshops.


Conceptualized in 2009, CineArt is the largest film-based, student-driven education programme that has a major impact on the behavioral change ensuring leadership development. It brings together multimedia and experiential forms like puppetry, films, theatre and art to educate children from diverse backgrounds on sustainability issues like nature, heritage, conservation, change, leadership and many more. It has involved over 2,000 children in making films on relevant issues, which further reach out to over 1,00,000 children annually. It has now established itself as an essential alternative education programme that blends interactive and creative mediums.

It is the only platform in the country to develop behavior change communication & leadership development amongst children on road safety.

Road Safety in India

India loses an estimated 1,40,000 lives per year in addition to 2.6 million serious injuries causing a social loss of over 1000 cores of rupees almost equivalent to 2% of our national GDP. Data reveals that 5,700 children between the age group of 0-14 and 26,000 youth between 15 and 24 have lost their lives in road accidents.

If children are at such high risk, then it is them who must be trained and engineered with the best tools of knowledge and practices to contain this condition.

Since Children are the biggest stakeholders for a better tomorrow, CineArt’s Road Safety Initiative looks to move children from hapless victims and empower them as proactive citizens where they become part of the solution as active road safety champions.

  An idea was thus born. Road Safety Awareness for the school children of the country.

Steer to Safety Program

The objective of the program has been to bring a change in the outlook towards road behavior by engaging children through various path breaking and creative mediums like puppetry, film making, art workshops etc. PVR Nest devised a rather creative endeavour that proposed to combine cinema and art aiming to create value and capacity in the lives of children through schools that would also support the integration of lesser privileged kids.

With Michelin India partnering, the program aims to pioneer the most widespread ever schools outreach program in Delhi/ NCR that at the same time address the issue of road safety and behavior. It aims to create a very unique entertaining educational session on the very important issue of Road Safety for children who are the “Future road users”.

As responsible adults, let’s set the right examples for our children. Let’s educate them about responsible road…

Posted by PVR Nest on Sunday, November 22, 2015

This is what some of the school children from the Road Safety Campaign had to say about their involvement:

Ritesh Yadav

Ritesh Yadav

 “As an aware global citizen I am always concerned about safe mobility on road. I know it very well from the reports of WHO that most of the hospitalization and leading causes and death are because of the road trauma.

Therefore I thought of Road Safety Awareness programmes in our school. Hence we identified the problems related with this through conducting the survey in Naraina as our main objective was to make Naraina as Zero Accident Zone.

I along with my friends discussed this with my school principal who suggested me to take up this issue and spread awareness amongst others with our mission of safe mobility on roads.”

Alisha Mehndriatta

Alisha Mehndiratta

“At Bal Bharati Public School, we believe that road safety education plays an important role in shaping the behaviors of young people and children. It ensures that they become responsible drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists.

I am Alisha Mehndiratta of class IX-B and I am the club president of our road safety club called ‘Honker Club’.

The name ‘Honker’ is derived from the name of the movie we made last year for a competition organized by PVR Cinemas and bagged the first prize. We don’t honk on roads. Rather, we honk the minds of the honkers on the roads who cause innumerable accidents all over the country.

We have thought up a lot of activities including Wall Graffiti, T-shirt Designing, Movie making and Road Drives among others that we hope will make a difference both inside the school and outside it.”


Garvit Ahuja

Garvit Ahuja

“The road safety campaign from PVR has been one of the greatest experiences of my life, In fact many other students’ lives. In the last two years we have done numerous plays on road safety And we ourselves made a short film on road safety taking inspiration from the original film that we made with PVR. Also we formed a club named “Better India Tomorrow” which included 10 students in total. The students gave all of there effort to make our society a better place to live We approached the authorities too regarding the road security near our school.



For someone like me who is obsessed with theatre and acting, this campaign has been the best teacher. I can easily face people now and interact with them and I suppose that facing the camera is also no longer a problem for me.”

Program Sustainability

Because of its ‘Core intervention components’ being the universal nature of the base issue i.e. road safety, this program has the potential to be adopted by any organization that wishes to work on this issue. The program is also capable of expanding its stakeholder base i.e. the school students are trained in such a way that they can reach out to their parents, residential societies, resident welfare associations, teachers and principals.

The CineArt Steer to Safety program because of its creative components, is truly culturally compatible to different communities, since the medium of cinema cuts across all barriers: language and class.



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