Different Wali Diwali: People who made the festival all about the community

Here’s a sneak peek at how people from different parts of India celebrated an eco-friendly and socio-conscious Diwali.

Celebrations, lights, fireworks, rangoli, sweets, savories mark a Diwali every year. But this is not all of it, as the festival of lights is also accompanied by its own share of air, noise and water pollution, causing trauma to toddlers and animals. Here’s a sneak peek at how people from different parts of India celebrated an eco-friendly and socially conscious Diwali in their own way.

1. #BurstHungerChallenge, an online campaign initiated by a 24-year old Gurgaon resident Saajan Abrol, saw people going a social cracker this Diwali by opting to burst hunger in place of crackers.

burst hunger

#BurstHungerChallenge – Be a social cracker

burst hunger2

#BurstHungerChallenge – Be a social cracker

2. Food Bank Chennai, a volunteer group operating actively in Chennai (and also having numerous wings in various parts of India), which is involved in feeding home cooked food to poor and needy, launched a week long food drive to share the festivities.

food bank chennai

Diwali special week long food drive by Food Bank Chennai

 3. Indian Army goes green this Diwali as Indian Army regiments in Army Cantonment in Delhi headquarters celebrated Diwali by saying no to fire crackers, in an attempt to reduce air/noise pollution levels in national capital.


4. While rest of India had a noise limit maximum level of 125dB, under the Environment Protection Act, 1986, West Bengal maintained a noise level cap at 90 dB making Bengal’s Diwali the quietest one in the country every year. West Bengal had cited dense urbanization and large pockets of eco- sensitive zones, such as forests and wildlife parks, to reduce permissible noise levels from firecrackers and set an example for other states this year.

5. Animal lovers and environmentalists gathered to spread awareness about the trauma caused through birds and animals, which were widely shared. Numerous photo campaigns to avoid fire crackers and to celebrate a clean green Diwali went viral on social media to generate awareness about firecrackers.


Online campaign for a green diwali


An EFI initiative for a cleaner India

6. Today’s children are tomorrow’s future. The message was loud and clear as the youth brigade and NGOs appealed to the society to avoid fire crackers and opt for an eco-friendly Diwali.

NGOs appealed1

Green ambassadors from Kendriya Vidyalaya, Malleshwaram appealing to residents for a cracker free diwali. Photo Courtesy – http://www.kvmb.net/photogallery.php

NGOs appealed2

Students at the ‘Green and Clean Diwali in Bhubaneswar’ Walkathon organized by GreenInDiya Campaign Photo Courtesy – Green InDiya FB page

NGOs appealed3

Diwali Sapling Plantation drive at Saidapet government school by CTC Ainthinai. Photo courtesy – https://www.facebook.com/VD-Photography-1519932394916136/?fref=photo

Surat lead the way to promote a green Diwali this year as 10,000+ school students in Surat take an oath to go cracker-free this Diwali.

School students in Chennai took the center stage in a Green Diwali awareness cum sapling plantation drive organized by Ainthinai CTC along with school students.

7. In an effort to promote a cracker free Diwali in a meaningful way, CTC Green wing – Ainthinai organized an awareness cum clean up drive in Vandalur Zoo.

CTC Green wing - Ainthinai

CTC volunteers collected 6+ bags of trash in Vandalur Zoo Chennai on 10-Nov to mark a green Diwali

I am a nature enthusiast, traveler, gardener and blogger, harbouring crazy dreams of a Clean India. more


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I am a nature enthusiast, traveler, gardener and blogger, harbouring crazy dreams of a Clean India. more

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