[Photo Story] How Karachi lights up for Eid-ul-Fitr

From decked up malls to a Chennai Express running to packed houses, Eid in Karachi was fast and flashy with a saccharine ‘meethai’ sweet flavour.

From decked up malls to a Chennai Express running to packed houses, the Eid weekend in Karachi was fast and flashy with a saccharine ‘meethai’ sweet in flavour.

It was my first Eid in Pakistan’s largest town – Karachi. Being more of a small town girl, I was keenly looking forward to the festivities that Karachi would offer on Eid.

Eid nights in Karachi


From where I saw it, city people seem to be very much inclined to spending money and shopping, and lesser in meeting people and Eid traditions. Commercialism and capitalism reigned galore!

After having tons of pakorrey (fritters) in Ramzan, we were ready for some more food!

Ramzan, we were ready for some more food!

Let’s start with the chaand raat – the evening when the moon is sighted after a huge performance during the previous nights.

Markets in full bling on Chaand Raat

Last minute jewellery shopping, anyone?

Karachi Mall

Karachi Mall

Ostensibly decorated Karachi malls

You rarely find discounts before Eid

Women are busy getting their hands decorated with henna

Eid finally dawns after much partying! Typical Eid breakfast – vermicelli and dry dates cooked in milk. There are variations of this combo in different cities; many cook both the vermicelli and dry dates together in milk – often called sheer khurma.

Finally, it’s Eid morning, with Sheera and Sevaiyaan.

Eid prayers on the morning of Eid-ul-Fitr

Not many women in Pakistan go for Eid morning prayers – though the trend has caught up a lot in the last couple of years.

Eid prayers are a good time to sell balloons and toys to kids – Eid-i-FTW! left pic: etribune, pk

After Eid prayers are done – around 8am-ish – it is expected of us to serve OR visit guests. In cities though, people just fall asleep (considering their all-nighters on Chaand Raat) and then start visiting folks in evening.

Eid cakes

Sea view, food streets, cinemas and Port Grand (Karachi’s beautiful food and shopping street) are some sizzling hot spots for all the three Eid evenings

Chennai aayeee aaayee!

This Eid, nights were mainly spent with IIFA weekends and the awe-inspiring Chennai Express. Cinemas were completely booked and jam packed literally! Sadly, release of the local high-budget ‘Main Hoon Shahid Afridi’ was postponed and Khan saheb from the other side won over the long weekend. For the record, I LOVED King Khan’s new rom-com!

So that was how Karachiites celebrate their Meethee Eid (I swear it was too sweet to swallow).

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