Grassroots Voices from Jharkhand: Unemployment and extreme poverty cause for growing Naxalism

The Government has done nothing towards unemployment, shortage of doctors, municipal negligence causing disease outbreaks but are confident in their evaluation of the poverty line.

Voices from the Mobile Vaani community echo how the Government has done nothing towards unemployment, shortage of doctors, municipal negligence causing disease outbreaks but seem unreasonably confident in their (grossly inaccurate) evaluation of the poverty line. 

Jobless youth demands Government action

Deepak Kumar from Sadar division of Hazaribagh district, informs Jharkhand Mobile Vaani, that there have been no provisions for the unemployed since Jharkhand became an independent state and their pleas have been neglected. Jharkhand government has failed in 13 years to do justice for the unemployed. So the jobless youth of Jharkhand has much hope from the Chief Minister Hemant Soren. Despite a lot of empty vacancies, the government so far has failed to fill those vacancies and a majority of youth still remains unemployed. Because of this, the youth of the state either leave or take to illicit means. The caller also stated that unemployment and extreme poverty are the major causes of growing Naxalism in the state. Therefore, they hope that the Chief Minister of Jharkhand will take action to provide employment to people and restores hope in the youth.

Public dismayed at the recently fixed Poverty line figures

Radhu Rai Mahuda from Dhanbad, giving his opinions on the recent report of the Tendulkar committee, remarks on Jharkhand Mobile Vaani that it is ludicrous to regard people with daily income of Rs. 28-32 as ‘not poor’. He informs that the current Government promised they will control inflation within 90 days of coming into power. Not only has the Government failed to take any actions to reduce inflation but such reports have left the public appalled.

Question to Amartya Sen on reducing the gap between the rich and the poor

Manoj Kumar from Kanke block, Ranchi district called up to put up a question to Dr. Amartya Sen. He questions Dr. Sen saying that there is a huge gap among the rich and poor of the country and how it can be resolved. India is a developing country, needs development in all its spheres. Just as there are limits for people living below poverty line, there should be a similar concept for the rich, that he calls as “Amiri Rekha”. He also asks him the ways to reduce corruption, the ways to strengthen the value of rupee against dollar, poor quality of the mid day meal being served in the government schools, Kashmiri Pandits unable to feel safe and secure in their own villages and the national banks being incapable of collecting debts from people.

Shortage of doctors in villages

Purushottam Kumar from Birni division, Girdih district tells Jharkhand Mobile Vaani that there are many Medical universities in which thousands of doctors are trained. Every year around 15000 doctors get a degree. But most doctors live in urban areas, due to which the villagers have to travel long distances. Number of doctors in villages is very less as compared to the urban areas. He stated that this creates a problematic scenario for the villagers who stay in remote areas with limited means and resources, since traveling to urban cities for them entails both time and expenses. In an already collapsing health infrastructure, this nonetheless adds to their woes and many a time leaves their diseases untreated.

Disease outbreak due to Municipal negligence

Shivpujan Hazari from Dhanbad, Baghmara talks about the plight of the poor on Jharkhand Mobile Vaani. He describes how the the life of the people in Belakhonda Tetulia Panchayat, Madhupur, has been affected by the rains. There is water logging everywhere in the village due to which flies, mosquitoes and worms are increasing causing an outbreak of diseases. Many people are falling ill and people are not even getting appropriate medicines or mosquito nets and the municipal authority does not spray bleaching powder. Shivpujan requests through Jharkhand Mobile Vaani that proper aid and health related services are provided in Tetulia Panchayat at the earliest, to avoid outbreak of an epidemic.

Next week: Voices from Jharkhand districts on the status of health infrastructure and facilities and the challenges they are facing.

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[Editor’s Note] Each week, The Alternative will be featuring the best messages from Gram Vaani’s Mobile Vaani Platform, a voice-based social platform that enables remote communities to achieve a 2-way communication between listener groups and various stakeholders. These messages will be featured on the basis of the most pertinent and urgent issues in the districts of Jharkhand, voiced by the grassroots community members. 

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