Hyundai’s campaign to teach children about road safety

Hyundai has launched ‘Traffic Story with Poli’ as part of its campaign ‘Safe Move’, a short animated series that teaches children about road safety.

‘Safe Move’ by Hyundai is the company’s effort to reinforce traffic safety so that everyone can commute safely on the roads. The campaign which is based on the concept of ‘Safe World that We Make Together,’ provides traffic safety education to children.

Hyundai launched ‘Traffic Story with Poli’ with special contributions by Hyundai Motor Company, Roi Visual, and Citizen Coalition for Safety, and EBS. “Traffic safety story with Poli” is a 26 episodes short animated series which teaches children about road safety- which can be viewed online.

Poli believes in leadership and justice. He is a cop with strong moral values and has a never giving up attitude. A faithful cop that he is, he is always there for his townspeople and keeps the town safe.

Talking about the campaign, Shri Nitin Gadkari – Honorable Minister, Ministry of Road Transport & Highways and Shipping; believes that it is s good initiative to connect with the children as they are the strong influencers of the society to make a difference. He believes that if road traffic safety measures are thought from an early age to children we could look forward for a safer India.

Brand Ambassador Shah Rukh Khan, is proud to be part of this campaign and urges everyone to follow traffic rules. He believes that the ‘Safe Move’ campaign will raise awareness about road safety in a very simple manner.

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The animated characters are cute and irresistible to watch. The short videos are not only entertaining but informative as well. Apart from this, the campaign has a number of offline activities such as School Contact Program and RWA Connect.




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