Jaaga Wins Reclaim Open Learning Innovation Challenge

Jaaga Study provides an ideal platform for young motivated learners to be a part of the ever expanding tech scene.

At Jaaga, community is key. As a collaborative space that seeks to bring people together to exchange and craft ideas, Jaaga knows the importance of community for learning and innovation. That’s why when launching the Jaaga Study program, the idea of a create collaborative community was key.

The increased access that comes with MOOCs, or massive open online courses, is mind-blowing. But without the community support, increased access alone is not enough to really transform how most students can benefit from these courses.

Enter Jaaga Study. Jaaga Study is a new program to be rolled out in January of 2012. It will be an intensive one-year course aimed at creating market-ready, financially independent computer programmers. It uses MOOCs to create personalized curricula paired with a vibrant co-working space and a support framework that includes course selection guidance, interaction with technical experts, and active peer learning groups. While enrolled students also create online profiles to actually start working while learning. As such, students start applying what they’re learning to the real world right away.

The program was touted in front of a global audience this past weekend at UC Irvine after receiving the honor of being one of the winners of the ‘Reclaim Open Learning Innovation’ Challenge. The competition, hosted by the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub at UC Irvine and the MIT Media Lab, supported by the MacArthur Foundation, sought to identity platforms that increase access to higher education through the use of technology. With only five winners worldwide, Jaaga was proud to be the only program representing India.

With the Jaaga community, anything is possible. When people come together to learn, they learn better. Jaaga hopes that through this power of the community any motivated student can have access to launch a successful career.

Applications for the classes starting in January 2014 are open now.

If you are interested in applying, please check out jaaga.in/study for more information. Applications are open now! If you have more questions about the program please contact:

Akshay Kanthi(+919019759255)
Program Coordinator, Jaaga Study


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