Nepal Earthquake: If you are in India, here’s how you can help

Rescue efforts have intensified after the worst earthquake in 8 decades hit Nepal on Saturday, April 25. Here’s what you can do to help the ongoing efforts.

The worst earthquake to hit Nepal in 80 years, the quake on Saturday morning has left Nepal devastated. Aftershocks are continuing to hit the region. The US Geological Survey has rated the magnitude of the quake as 7.9 on the Richter Scale. Nearly 2,000 have been killed and mounting. There is a huge amount of destruction to property, many of which are historical sites in Kathmandu and several other places in Nepal.

17 people have been stranded and killed on Mt. Everest in avalanches in the worst ever disaster to hit the mountain.

People survey a site damaged by an earthquake, in Kathmandu, Nepal, April 25, 2015. The shallow earthquake measuring 7.9 magnitude struck west of the ancient Nepali capital of Kathmandu on Saturday, killing more than 100 people, injuring hundreds and leaving a pall over the valley, doctors and witnesses said.  REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar      TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY      - RTX1A7JW

People survey a site damaged by an earthquake, in Kathmandu, Nepal, April 25, 2015. The shallow earthquake measuring 7.9 magnitude struck west of the ancient Nepali capital of Kathmandu on Saturday, killing more than 100 people, injuring hundreds and leaving a pall over the valley, doctors and witnesses said. REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar courtesy of

Relief work has already started on the ground. Several organisations, local and international are at work to offer relief to the survivors of the earthquake.

If you are in India and are looking to help those on the ground offering relief, here are a few ways by which you can extend support through reliable organisations and initiatives:

1) Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund is directed towards providing immediate relief in case of natural disasters. This will go towards helping Indian citizens stranded in Nepal, as well as compensation to the kin of those killed by the quake in the country. The PMO may use his discretion to extend the range of help to other victims as well. India has sent 450 NDRF members, 13 aircrafts, 6 helicopters and tonnes of food and medical supplies in a relief operation mounted just hours after the disaster struck. You can follow the rescue operations here on the MEA tweets

2) The Red Cross is known for its support systems and large global network. They also have a blood bank in Kathmandu which is now providing blood supplies to other medical facilities in the city.The donation page of Red Cross Nepal is accepting donations now.


3) World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organisation, dedicated towards working against poverty and injustice around the world, is initiating a response to meet basic, urgent needs with temporary shelter, food, water, emergency health interventions, and other vital aid. You can donate here.

4) Global Giving has also set up an online donation page to raise funds, which will first be directed towards immediate needs of the victims such as food, shelter, medical attention, and clothing. Following this, they will identify and support organisations which they believe are best suited towards providing relevant relief and aid based on long term requirements.

5) Doctors Without Borders respond quickly to the urgent medical needs of the victims. They also have a branch from India (MSFIndia), which is on ground at Nepal.  If you are a doctor and you would like to sign up to fly out to Nepal to volunteer on ground by giving medical expertise and relief, you can register with MSF India (Doctors Without Borders).

Similarly, Save The Children, Mercy Corps (currently has more than 90 relief workers already working in Nepal), and Direct Relief have launched disaster response programs.

6) The American Nepal Medical Foundation has sent 4-5 physicians from the US to Kathmandu to assess the situation, and is also sending out a team for trauma surgery in the next few days. Their fundraiser can be found here. 7) Shikshya Foundation in Nepal has appealed for help in their fundraiser page saying “The immediate need on the ground is for medical support, search and rescue, emergency shelters and food and water among many other things. As the days, weeks and months go by and after the humanitarian needs are addressed, Nepal will need to begin the healing and rebuilding process.”    

Local City based collections and Community efforts

8) The Environmental Support Group, based in Bangalore, is mobilizing funds and resources to channel towards relief efforts and organizations working on ground in Nepal. Here is a quick list of what they need: a) Monetary contributions to relief and rehabilitation of the Earthquake struck areas may be made in the following ways:
For wire transfers from Indian donors and for Indian donations only (Foreign donors see below):
Payee Name: Environment Support Group
Savings Account No.: 0-4-7-4-2-0-1-0-0-0-7-3-3-7
Please mention: <Nepal Earthquake Relief Contribution> in the narration of your online/ wire transfer form and also send an email providing transaction details and your full name and address to <>
Name of Bank: Syndicate Bank
Branch Name: Padmanabhanagar
IFS Code: SYNB0000676
Address: Attimmabe Road, Padmanabhanagar, Bangalore-560070. INDIA

In case you prefer to mail a Cheque/DD, please write the Cheque in favour of “Environment Support Group”, payable at Bangalore.  Kindly write your full name and address and mention “Nepal Earthquake Relief Contribution” on the back of the Cheque/DD and mail it to our address given above.

9) The Uday Foundation, based in New Delhi has put together a required list of Urgent Relief Material and Medicines. Their drop-off location is at the Uday Foundation, 113A, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi 110017 Phone : 011-26561333/444. More updates will be posted on their Facebook page.

10) GOONJ: GOONJ is a Delhi-based non-profit that is known for its widespread efforts in reaching out with material and volunteers during disasters. Their webpage is updated with the materials they require for relief efforts, along with the locations where you can drop off your donations. You can mail them at for more information, and also check their Facebook page for updates.

If you’re in Bangalore, you can drop off items mentioned in this list at the GOONJ dropbox in Indiranagar which will be collecting items until the 30th of April.

11) Paperman has initiated a trash funding campaign to raise INR 1,00,000 over the next 2 weeks to support the relief work in Nepal. The funds will be raised by the sale of recyclable trash like paper , plastic, glass , metal and electronic waste that homes, offices, schools, colleges across the city will donate during the next two weeks.

Chennai citizens can register here or call 8015269831  ( 9 am – 6 pm ) and register.

The materials will be collected from their doorstep within 3 hours of registration  with the help of 200+  waste paper mart shops  partnered with paperman.

12) You can also access this fundraiser on Milaap‘s platform to support survival in the time of need until shelter and safety is obtained. The amount collected will be donated to either CARE/ Red Cross/Global Giving. This fundraiser raised by Shereen Bhan also goes to Care India to support the putting together of survival kits for the victims.

13) Indian Express Citizen’s Relief Fund is requesting contributions where you can mail cheques to The Indian Express, C-5, Institutional Area, Sector 6, Panchkula 134109, Haryana.

14) The Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, based in Delhi requires any of these first aid materials which you can send to their collection center.

15) You can also look at what supplies the Nepalese Embassy in New Delhi is collecting here.

16) The International Association For Human Values (Bangalore branch) and the Art of Living Foundation has established a joint fund. You can donate in INR through cheque/demand draft or bank transfer. For other modes, you can contact and copy to They are currently on-site facilitating relief efforts, and will also be conducting survivor rehabilitation programs and trauma relief workshops. They are updating from Nepal on their Facebook page.

Moving towards Gorkha with a very dedicated group of IAHV-Art of Living Pokhara Volunteers with relief materials. Our…

Posted by International Association for Human Values – India on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

17) In Crisis Relief is a live resource with constantly updated resources such as helpline numbers, first aid resources, and monetary donations.

18) Care India is working with victims in North India and Nepal, making assessments, and providing situation-based relief. They currently have family emergency relief kits with which they hope to reach 50,000 people. Their donation page is here or you can send a cheque/draft in favour of: “CARE India Solutions for Sustainable Development” at E-46/12, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase II, New Delhi – 110020

19) Doctors For You is working on the following relief measures in Nepal for which they require financial support.

  • Primary Health Care (general health check-ups and supply of medicines)
  • Reproductive Health Care Services (ANC check-ups,  supply of clean delivery kits, sanitary kits, medicines related to reproductive health and others)
  • Water sanitation and hygiene
  • Psychosocial support

Here‘s an interview from a Doctor who is on ground there describing their challenges.

Details for Making Donation
You can transfer the money online or by cheque to –

ACCOUNT NUMBER 000190300000030

 For further details please write to or call at 9324334359/8473093237.

Doctors For You

Doctors For You

20) Change Alliance, based in Delhi have so far  dispatched 74,000 water purification sachets, which will make up to 740,000 litres of safe drinking water, and ten water filtration units – each of which can provide 1,500 litres of purified water per hour . Donate here to support the extensive relief work they do.

21) Ratna Nidhi Charitable Trust in New Delhi is offering to collect warm clothes (sweaters/blankets/woollens) for the victims right from your doorstep. They also want to provide the victims packets of food that have a long shelf life. You can call them on 022-23898930 / 23878930 or e-mail and donate money here

Also note that the next time you take an Uber ride, you can contribute Rs.10 through the Uber app by entering the promo code “HELPNEPAL”. See their blogpost here for more details. They will donate the proceeds to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. You can do the same on the Ola app by entering the promo code “NEPAL”.

Facebook has set up a donation button at the top of their page where you can easily donate in INR. The proceeds go to International Medical Corps.

Volunteer Online

In the past, online volunteers working from home have worked on mapping disaster affected areas. They search for tweets and facebook posts to understand which areas need help, and put together resources that will direct funds and efforts where it is needed most.

If you have any information about people, you can contribute to the Google Person Finder set up for Nepal.

The Standby Task Force already has an online team deployed, actively mapping the crisis situation. You can follow their work here and sign up to help out with your skills here.

The OpenStreetMap Project has a list of tasks that need to be completed, so that these maps can be used offline. Most of the affected areas are really remote habitations, sometimes with no road access. Maps are crucial at this point for ground rescue workers to plan routes and assess damage quickly. This collaborative mapping tool distributes tasks to online contributors  and volunteers. You can start by reading a beginner’s introduction to the process, and then head here to see what tasks need to be done. (Thanks to PlaneMad for the heads-up)

At present, there is a Mapbox team working in support of this project at their office in Bangalore located at No. 221, 2nd Floor, 13th Cross, Indiranagar on the Week of April 26th. You can access the details of their meet and the online Datameet page here. There is also a Delhi chapter of the same who will be meeting from the 27th of April onwards at 2 PM at various offices in Delhi. More details on their Google Group.


We will update this list as and when more relief links are set up and we can put together a list of credible organisations (those that are listed on, those organisations we have worked with), so do check back to see how else you can help! Reach out help Nepal right away!

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The future is not a result of choices among alternative paths offered by the present, but a place that is created--created first in the mind and will, created next in activity. The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating. more

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  • Another option for anyone to make a valuable contribution from home is to join volunteers worldwide in mapping the disaster hit areas for releif work to proceed. Most of the affected areas are really remote habitation sometimes with no road access. Maps are crucial at this point for ground rescue workers to plan routes and assess damage quickly.

    All the work is being done on the open source openstreetmap project so that maps can be used offline. You can pick a mapping task from here:

    A beginners introduction to the process is here:

    • The Alternative

      Hello, thank you for this, this is indeed very useful information. Adding to our post.

  • Fuego Pazzo

    Could someone please clear up some confusion for me? I’m in the U.S. and I’m not Indian The Indian PM Disaster relief fund says in condition 3 that it can’t be used in foreign countries. Here’s the wording
    “Contributions wherein the donor mention that the amount is meant for the foreign citizens/calamities abroad, are not accepted in the fund”
    Is Nepal classed in the fund as part of India?

    • The Alternative

      Hi Fuego, Sorry, but the PMNRF is only open to Indians to contribute. Funding is being channelised to help earthquake victims in both India and Nepal – as these reports state – . The others can also have anyone contribute (Red Cross, CARE, UNICEF etc). Our purpose was also to have a set of credible organisations to which Indians can contribute in INR. Thanks much!

      • Fuego Pazzo

        Thanks for reply. The page does take donations from anyone, not just Indians. Check the page. You can choose what country you are in. I assume Nepal has some kind of protectorate type status or is judged as part of India to allow the funds to be used according to the foreign exclusion of use.

        • Jay Jay

          Correct!! There has a special provision made for Nepal and was announced by the PM. You cant do Net banking but all other modes are accepted!!

        • Shrey

          Donate directly to Nepal Embassy in USA

    • Nikhil

      Fuego I understand your Goodwill. I am not sure how you can send money. You have to send to any NGOs supporting Nepal emergency and from them only it will come to Nepal. If its difficulty to go by NGO or not able to send money, I can help you, if you don’t misunderstand me. You can Wire transfer to my India Bank account and I will forward to Prime Minister Nepal fund. I don’t have any bad intention in this matter. Its all up to you.

      • Jay Jay

        How will you account for this in IT? Please dont make such offers without knowing the implications!! As a Non-NGO you cannot accept money into your account- Its a criminal offence per IPC!!

        • Nikhil

          thank you.

    • Shrey

      Donate to the Nepal Embassy in your country. Google the website for your country’s Nepalese Embassy, check out bank details and do wire transfer

  • Shrey

    Please donate non-religious NGOs. Do not donate to Christian relief organizations since they will put up the condition to convert to Christianity before distributing the food.

    • Jay Jay

      Agree!!! Mainly World vision is a controversial organization with accounting issues!! The % of money that they set aside for administration is way above the industry norms!!! They are also known to wine and dine journalists!!! BEWARE!!! PLEASE GO WITH RED CROSS!!!

  • Shrey

    All donate to Nepal Embassy and Nepalese Consulates in your country and cities only. Donate to their official bank account via online wire transfer. Do not donate elsewhere if you want your money to reach the victims of the earthquake.

    All NGOs will deduct percentage from the money donated. Big NGOs deduct huge commission as handling charges while small NGOs have high chances of misappropriating funds received which might never reach the victims.

    Beware of religious organizations. They misappropriate donations grossly and put up conversion conditions before channeling the money.

    Only Nepal Embassy and Consulates will ensure 100% of your contribution reach the victims.

  • Shrey

    Donate Online via NEFT to Nepal Embassy in India

    Account Name: Embassy of Nepal (Relief fund); Punjab National Bank

    Account No: 2254002100018449; Swift Code: PUNBIBBDOB; IFSC Code: PUNB0225400

    8th Floor, DCM Building, 16, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi- 110001

    • Aman

      “Account type” for this PNB account would be Savings or something else?

  • Above article is very helpful for knowing about natural disaster is Nepal.Thanks for sharing valuable information about natural disaster in Nepal.