#SpeakYourMind: Let’s talk mental health in India

In a partnership with the Live.Love.Laugh Foundation started by Deepika Padukone and launched on Oct 10, 2015, The Alternative starts a month-long campaign on mental health in India: #SpeakYourMind.

Nobody wants to even hear about depression or mental disorders. It is what we collectively look upon as a temporary weakness, a lack of will. Yet, mental issues are much closer home than we think. All of us have known mental disorder – we have either experienced it ourselves, supported loved ones through it or know someone who is undergoing emotional difficulties of some kind. And we all know that it is not simply ‘sadness’ or a temporary debilitation.

Like the “black dog” that accompanies its master wherever he goes, which is how Winston Churchill famously described his frequent bouts of depression, mental disorders affect millions of people who live everyday with it, are unable to shake off the black dog, talk about it, or even know where and how to seek help.

One in four people will suffer from a mental health issue at some point or the other in their lives, which makes it as common as the common cold. In India, mental health issues prevail across ages and socio-economic groups, yet very few even acknowledge it, fewer among them then talk about it or seek help.

In India, we have a total of 3,500 psychiatrists. One for every 340,000 people. It is time we all came forward to talk about mental health issues, acknowledge that they exists, and support each other through it.


In partnership with the Live.Love.Laugh Foundation started by Deepika Padukone and launched on Oct 10, 2015, we are starting a month-long campaign on mental health in India: #SpeakYourMind.


SpeakYourMind - a campaign on mental health


The campaign is our wish to bring awareness and the community together around mental wellness. It is about bringing the human, everyday lifestyle dimension back into the mental health debate. This is not about what can happen to someone else, it is about what is happening all around us, shrouded within the stifling silence. We hope to raise awareness and sensitivity around the issue of mental disorders by enabling a space where conversations can be fostered, devoid of stigma and judgment.


Beginning October 10th, we bring together the voices of everyday people, experts, practitioners, counsellors, psychiatrists, educators, caregivers and creative artists, to de-mystify mental disorders, what it means for people living with it and more importantly, how we can all support people through it.


If you have an experience to share with us, please write to editor@thealternative.in. #SpeakYourMind and support us in reaching thousands: students, working professionals, adolescents or the elderly, with awareness about mental health and how we can support it.


lll-logo#SpeakYourMind is a special series on mental health by The Alternative in partnership with  The Live Love Laugh Foundation. Starting Mental Health Day, Oct 10th, the series will feature voices and expert views on issues like depression and anxiety disorders and how sensitivity and timely support can help people overcome them. If you have a personal story around mental health to share, please write in to editor@thealternative.in, and we will publish it in the strictest confidence.




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