[TA TV] Work With A Purpose: The journey from Walmart to affordable healthcare – Nitin Barekere, Vaathsalya

“I had no social mission when I joined the sector. I was looking for an opportunity to grow a professional company which could outgrow its promoters.”

“I had no social objective in mind. Like all engineers of our age, a lucrative job was the road ahead. And I was at Walmart, what more could I ask for?” says Nitin Barekere, Vice-President, HR, Vaatsalya Healthcare, starting to speak about his journey to the Impact Sector.

A critical illness in the family put him in touch with Dr. Ashwin Naik, founder and CEO, Vaatsalya. “My questions were – is this charity? Are you guys serious? Will I get paid?”, says Barekere, voicing the concern many have when first placed in touch with the idea of working for the social sector.

Nitin Barekere joined Vaatsalya Healthcare, India’s first hospital network across Tier II and Tier III towns as its HR head, after several years of being in mainstream businesses that ranged from concierge solutions to call centre businesses, banking, airlines and finally retail, in Walmart.

He talks about 3 things as being very important to him:

1. Working in a company that could grow beyond its founders. And Vaatsalya had clear plans for founder retirement.
2. Job satisfaction that comes from doing something meaningful, that goes over the conventional definition of a job.
3. Working in a flat organisation, where one can dabble with many things.

Listen to Barekere’s story of joining the Impact sector:

This is part of The Alternative’s “Work With A Purpose” series that takes a deep look at what moves people inside the crazy, exciting and challenging world of social enterprises in India.


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