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From debts to dreams – How farmers in Wardha are overcoming obstacles

Naandi Foundation helps farmers in Maharashtra rise out of debts and distress to achieve better agricultural productivity and financial security.
on Nov 10, 2015

Hubli’s farmers reap the benefits of a papaya revolution

Farmers in Hubli are partnering with Deshpande Foundation to protect themselves against the vagaries of the monsoon by growing papaya.
on Nov 9, 2015

TARA Machines: Just another (eco) brick in the wall

TARA Machines markets low-cost green technology solutions for building construction, waste recycling and hand made paper production.
on Oct 28, 2015

Shop ’til you drop: Retailers use sustainable construction to lower their carbon footprint

Retailers around the world are becoming aware of the need for sustainable construction that can improve their business, educate the consumers and preserve t...
on Oct 25, 2015

Susandhi Krishi Chetana supplies the missing link for sustainable agricultural growth at the grassroots

Deshpande Foundation operates a first-of-its-kind agri-development programme that empowers rural youth to continue in farming and become crucial links betwe...
on Oct 19, 2015

How Giskaa is bringing you closer to the culture and crafts from the North-East

The online store brings India's North East closer to the rest of the country by highlighting the distinct traditions and lifestyles of its people.
on Oct 19, 2015

In GE’s dramatic growth in the clean energy sector, what has it achieved?

The story of a multi-million dollar company that took an orthogonal turn from being one of the world's worst pollutants to one of the greenest.
on Oct 15, 2015

No longer sitting ducks to drought, farmers in Hubli fight back by building ponds

Deshpande Foundation has successfully implemented a farm pond model for which farmers not just dedicate their land but whose cost they bear almost entirely.
on Oct 13, 2015

[Announcement] Pitch your business idea to the Social Enterprise Summit

Winners of the pitch contest will get cash prizes, review from an expert panel and the potential to be incubated and funded by Villgro.
on Oct 13, 2015