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Annus Horribilis: Nagaland’s Year of the Entrepreneur that wasn’t

While the Year of the Entrepreneur ended on 31st March 2012, the thousand potential entrepreneurs in Nagaland are still to see its implementation.
on Feb 28, 2014

[TA TV] PGS: why we need a community alternative to third party organic certification

PGS, as a complementary method to third-party organic certification, is essential if we want to include poorer small-holder farmers.
on Feb 27, 2014

10 toilet designs that can actually work in rural India

One of the critical aspects of rural sanitation is to build loos that take into account climate, water, space and most importantly, culture.
on Feb 27, 2014

IYCN: Apply for the YEGA awards 2012

Apply for the IYCN Youth Entrepreneurship Green Award 2012 to showcase your renewable energy solutions.
on Feb 27, 2014

#CareersInImpact Tweetchat : Why consider a career in impact in India today?

20th February, 2014: The Alternative and Villgro hosted a Twitter chat on what a career in impact entails and how a career in social enterprises is the futu...
on Feb 21, 2014

Whose loo? Why 600 million Indians still defecate in the open

First Principles: India spends 7000 crores just on building rural toilets. The reality on the ground however is unused, ill-kept and unaffordable loos. A cl...
on Feb 20, 2014

Children for change: Stopping road accidents before they put a full stop on people’s lives

The students of Shrimad Rajchandra Gurukul, Valsad came with a plan to work with residents and district RTO to minimize the risks that cause frequent road a...
on Feb 20, 2014

#CareersInImpact twitter chat with Villgro @ 4pm, 20th February

Why consider a #careerinimpact in India today? The Alternative and Villgro will be hosting a Twitter chat on the topic at 4pm (IST), 20th February 2014.
on Feb 19, 2014

Careers In Impact Workshop: Edition 2, Feb 22, 2014, at Ginserv, Bangalore

'The Careers In Impact Workshop' and take a deep dive into working in Social Impact - opportunities, ground realities, current landscape and what it means a...
on Feb 19, 2014