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Impact Exchange: world’s first public trading platform for social enterprises

Operating with the philosophy of ‘Inclusion by creating capital for all’, the Impact Investment exchange will issue stocks, bonds and funds that will in...
on Jul 31, 2013

How social angel investing in India can build the impact ecosystem

Bob Pattillo: Investing in a social venture fund is a great way for angel investors to dip a toe in the social enterprise market and gain confidence.
on Jul 31, 2013

Work With A Purpose: from Barcelona city council to non-invasive medical tech

It has been a move across continents, seas, technologies and mindsets, says Laura Espiau, an economist from Barcelona, on her work with BioSense Technlogies...
on Jul 30, 2013

Work With A Purpose: Eric Savage on living and working on impact in India

"I decided that if I want my kids to be proud of me, I need a career into which I can pour my heart… I happily chose my job, the accompanying pay cut and ...
on Jul 30, 2013

Should impact investment be attached to monetary returns?

There is a lot of lot of buzz and conversation around impact investment today as an alternative to mainstream return-based investment. How much of it transl...
on Jul 29, 2013

Social Enterprise Showcase: B2R – bridging the gap between rural and urban

Working on the idea of "bringing the work to people rather than people to the work", B2R runs rural BPOs that empower Uttarakhand's youth and women.
on Jul 26, 2013

How insight completely changed Swasth India’s model of delivering healthcare

The social enterprise realised that PHCs for simple diseases rather than insurance for illness is the solution to affordable healthcare.
on Jul 23, 2013

Social enterprises need to invest more in their ‘gut feeling’

When working with customers who rarely express their needs, intuition and observation, more than any data, survey or defined system - could hold a social en...
on Jul 23, 2013

8 things Akshayapatra learnt about kids and hunger through its mid-day meal program

Customer observation is key, says Akshayapatra, an art that has helped them perfect the engine that serves 1.3 million children healthy food everyday.
on Jul 23, 2013