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If it is broke, fix it – Repair Café comes to Bangalore this November

"If it is broke, fix it!"- Repair Café bringing repair enthusiasts together this November in Bengaluru!
on Nov 17, 2015

Join us for a TweetChat on Sustainable Fashion using #forwardfashion

#forwardfashion brings together experts, practitioners, and consumers of fashion products to discuss the current state of the global fashion industry and wh...
on Nov 16, 2015

No Nasties makes it easy to get a seat on the eco-fashion bus

No Nasties is not just another organic fashion brand. From greening every aspect of its supply chain to spearheading India's movement for ethical fashion, t...
on Nov 12, 2015

Amber Oil: The Rich and Rare Scent of Aromatherapy

Treasured from antiquity to present date, Amber is often considered as a gemstone by most of the persons due to its attractive color and appearance. But, in...
on Nov 10, 2015

[Announcement] Get your kids to celebrate a pollution-free Diwali at Science Utsav

ScienceUtsav's shows will let kids enjoy the thrill of Diwali without lighting any firecrackers.
on Nov 7, 2015

Upasana comes full circle with sustainable fashion

Upasana creates sustainable fashion in appealing designs that make it easy to adopt an organic way of life.
on Nov 5, 2015