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MWCD committee calls for a ban on the sale of junk food in school canteens

The committee has also suggested that no junk food be sold to children within 200 metres of a school.
on Aug 24, 2015

How to read clothing labels carefully and know what’s really sustainable

Labels are important for users who do not have direct access to a product’s manufacturing but would like to make sustainable fashion choices.
on Aug 22, 2015

Alternative Weekends: Events you shouldn’t miss in Bengaluru (21st-23rd)

Get your kids to the neighbourhood community cafe, Chavadi, where Priya of Storipur will be spinning fantastic tales and kids will be creating eco-crafts.
on Aug 21, 2015

5 ways to build an eco-friendly wardrobe on a budget

Here are some easy tips to shop smart and build an eco-savvy wardrobe without breaking the bank.
on Aug 20, 2015

Rural women entrepreneurs use organic food and local crafts to create sustainable livelihoods in Kumaon

Harela Community Shop is run by two young and enterprising women, Kamla Rautela and Vimla Mehra and sells products from hand knitted woollens to condiments....
on Aug 20, 2015

[Untravel] My thoughts on local landscapes, wildlife conservation and the Dushera mela at Kullu

Dushera at Kullu is akin to partaking fervour of Navratri in Baroda or Christmas in Shillong.
on Aug 20, 2015