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Let’s talk about mental health, but how?

Discussing mental health is imperative for the betterment of our society. But we need to do that in a sensitive and sensible manner.
on Nov 5, 2015

Sweden to become the world’s first nation to end reliance on fossil fuels

The Scandinavian nation already meets two-thirds of its electricity requirements from non-fossil fuels energy sources, mainly hydroelectric and nuclear.
on Nov 5, 2015

World’s largest floating wind farm to be built in Scotland

Norwegian company Statoil will build the world's first and largest floating wind farm in the Scotland waters.
on Nov 5, 2015

 Metaphor Racha uses khadi to make a big impact with a small footprint

Metaphor Racha works with khadi artisans in Karnataka to create sustainable livelihoods and produce garments with a small carbon footprint.
on Nov 3, 2015

SayTrees is making Bangalore smile by giving it a new green cover

SayTrees has planted more than 20000 saplings in Bangalore and has helped in reclaiming its natural beauty by planting saplings in around 14 lakes.
on Nov 2, 2015

These Fairtrade India certified brands represent all that’s fair in Indian fashion

These Indian fashion brands meet certain environmental, labour, and developmental standards set by Fairtrade International.
on Nov 2, 2015