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Child Sex Abuse – a conspiracy of silence

Every other child gets sexually abused in India, and more than half of them by people they know and trust. Do we even know enough about CSA to recognise, ac...
on Apr 30, 2011

Lifestyle diseases: rich man’s woe no more

Non-communicable diseases or NCDs, what were once seen as the realm of the rich, are now becoming alarmingly common among the poor in India’s cities and v...
on Apr 15, 2011

Our healthcare system is completely gender-biased

Our health programming is blind to women’s socio-economic realities and its implications on their health.
on Apr 15, 2011

Healthcare Within The Common Man’s Reach

Healthcare is actually out of reach and unaffordable for many in India. Around 40 per cent of the population in the country either borrows money or sells as...
on Apr 15, 2011

Why our construction workers lead such unconstructed lives

Over 12 lakh workers toil to build Karnataka’s progress story while living vulnerable and insecure lives. It turns out that builders, contractors, and eve...
on Apr 15, 2011