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[Video] Complex realities of human-animal conflict as seen in an elephant capture

This eye-opening video documenting an elephant capture shows the grim reality behind the escalating man-elephant conflict in Hassan.
on Jul 2, 2015

Soccket: How a green soccer ball is helping light up off-grid regions

Harnessing the power of play to do more with M.O.R.E (Motion based off-grid renewable energy)
on Jul 2, 2015

3 initiatives that have stretched the scope of yoga beyond health

Initiatives that have integrated yoga within the larger societal framework and used it for building a stronger community.
on Jun 21, 2015

Puppets talk, people listen

A small colony of puppeteers in Delhi 'pull strings' and talk on issues that plague their lives: Water, sanitation and land takeover bids.
on Jun 17, 2015

What sustainability could mean to an inaccessible village in Odisha

Taking a gap year in the middle of my masters and deciding to work with a tribal community in Odisha changed my life.
on Jun 16, 2015

Chennai Coastal Cleanup volunteers cleared up 29 tons of waste in a single day!

The sixth edition of Chennai Coastal Cleanup saw 5,500 people cleaning up 20km of coastline and collect 29 tons of waste, 16 tons of which will be recycled.
on Jun 16, 2015

Delhi to go desi with this native tree seed bank project

Conservation Education Centre (CEC) and Delhi, I Love You (DILY) have started a seed bank project that will plant 1000 natives trees across Delhi.
on Jun 15, 2015

An homage to Nek Chand and his wonderland of upcycled waste

An upcycling pioneer, Nek Chand Saini, passed away on 12th June, leaving behind his creativity in the form of the Rock Garden of Chandigarh.
on Jun 14, 2015

Mother of all plans to save Sri Lanka’s mangroves

1,500 community groups have been created around Sri Lanka's 48 lagoons, offering job training and micro-loans to women to promote mangrove conservation.
on Jun 13, 2015