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The invisible factor of malnutrition – Stunting

Melvin Alex, an intern at CRY’s Media mentorship program writes about Indian kids suffering from stunted growth as a result of insufficient nourishment.
on Nov 23, 2015

How one company’s employees are helping conserve the Indian softshell trurtle

An increase in human population and a simultaneous increase in dependency on the Ganges has caused natural habitat degradation of the softshell turtle.
on Nov 22, 2015

[Announcement] Immersion and Challenges Days get underway in the Enable Makeathon 2015

The Enable Makeathon is a 60-day programme in which participants – including technology and design experts, persons with disabilities and mentors – will...
on Nov 21, 2015

IKEA Foundation to create entrepreneurship opportunities for one million women in India

A report from International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that if the number of female workers were the same as that of men, India’s GDP could expand by 2...
on Nov 21, 2015

SunEdison helps 700 Ramakrishna Mission Trust students become energy independent

This donation from SunEdison will allow the mission to increase its energy independence and free up resources to help them focus on vocational training and ...
on Nov 20, 2015

Corporate Social Spending will now have a platform on the Bombay Stock Excgange

The initiative is being called Sammaan and it aims to bridge the gap between corporates willing to correctly spend their CSR funds and organizations in the ...
on Nov 19, 2015

Smile Foundation’s life-cycle approach to development is bettering the lives of women and children across India

What happens when a young professional gave up his lucrative corporate job to empower women and bring smiles to the faces of underprivileged children in Ind...
on Nov 19, 2015

Wells and water levels created a groundswell of concern in Punjab. This is how farmers are res’pond’ing.

Farm ponds, rediscovered by a few farmers in Patiala, could be the answer to the state's growing groundwater crisis.
on Nov 19, 2015

Why you should never dismiss symptoms of depression simply as signs of ageing

Dear Mum, You have too much anger inside you to see the love and affection I am giving you. It is best I don’t cause more pain for you. Love Neena.
on Nov 19, 2015