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Depression taught me how sometimes quitting is the right thing to do

Aaastha Bhansali shares her experience with depression.
on Nov 9, 2015

Here’s how we can ‘Make in India’ sustainably

This Diwali, let’s unite together as consumers and producers and take a vow to support Indian artisans and their products.
on Nov 9, 2015

This young man’s project in one of the poorest districts of Odisha is music to our ears

Project Udaan is a social initiative by Siddharth Vashisht to set up a cultural center in a school for tribal children in rural Odisha.
on Nov 7, 2015

How a Delhi chaiwallah ended up authoring 24 books

Spardha Pandey shares the saga of Laxman Rao's struggle and endless determination to be a writer.
on Nov 6, 2015

A movement in Russia is starting to confront the issue of careless driving

Stop a Douchebag movement aims to drive a sense of shame into arrogant drivers by plastering their windshields with massive, round stickers which proclaim, ...
on Nov 6, 2015

This community program transformed people’s attitude toward the snow leopard

From that of a despised pest to a valuable tourism asset.
on Nov 6, 2015

How instant gratification is causing nothing but eternal unhappiness in the young and the restless

Dr Vijay Nagaswami, psychiatrist and relationship expert says that over-dependence on social media has made it easier for young people to get depressed.
on Nov 5, 2015

Why trying to read someone’s mind is mostly a pointless exercise

Trying to read a person's mind could land you in trouble. Distorted thoughts like these can lead to a miserable life. It is better to challenge them and lea...
on Nov 5, 2015

How you can help someone recover from a mental illness

Family and the community have a huge role to play in supporting people who are recovering from mental illness.
on Nov 5, 2015