#2013 Most Popular

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Bangalore’s Greenest Homes: AR Shivakumar’s Sourabha literally catches every drop

Nature has all the answers, demonstrates Sourabha. Built in 1994, the house runs completely on rain water, hasn't paid the water bill in 19 years, heats and...
on Jul 9, 2013

No quinoa for me, thanks!

Why ship grains halfway across the world, when India is the largest producer of the nutritious eco-friendly wondergrain, millets?
on Jul 1, 2013

Bangalore’s Greenest Homes: Kachra Mane, the house of scrap

With 80% of the fittings from demolished houses, wood from scrap dealers, most household appliances bought second hand,Kachra Mane, gives a whole new meanin...
on Jun 27, 2013

Karthikeyan S: A lifetime devoted to protecting Karnataka’s wild

Awareness around many of Karnataka's lesser known fauna is thanks to the stellar work of chief naturalist Karthikeyan S, winner of the prestigious Carl Zeis...
on May 8, 2013