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These educators are making the right use of technology to overcome rote learning

Technology should be for the masses and more importantly, technology should be used for making lives better.
on Dec 6, 2015

Baala Balaga School’s innovative approach to education puts play at the centre of learning

This equal opportunity school enables affordable access to education. Its innovative approach emphasizes learning that is child-centric, activity-oriented, ...
on Dec 3, 2015

Affordable Learning Summits India 2015: Edtech Ideator hosted by Pearson Affordable Learning Fund

Pearson Affordable Learning Fund is organising a day-long summit in Bangalore to ideate about tech for learning, as part of its Affordable Learning Summits.
on Mar 31, 2015

Scaling education programs across India: Are we (un)learning enough?

Growth and impact evaluation are some of the factors to take into account while scaling education programs in India, according to a panel at #DDHubli2015.
on Mar 3, 2015

How can we get school dropouts to go back?

Surveys by CRY volunteers show that poverty is the main reason why children in urban poor areas drop out of school, and not disinterest in studies.
on Feb 2, 2015

LumenEd: An accessible platform for better learning everywhere

LumenEd is brightening the future of rural school kids, through it's solar powered multimedia beast of a teaching aid.
on Dec 15, 2014