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DIY Lifehacks: How to make a zero budget, eco friendly toilet

Read how the kids at Aarohi, an alternate open learning school, are building their own toilets as a part of the organic learning center's aim to live in har...
on Feb 5, 2014

How I got my 7 year old to take charge of himself on field trips

Mugdha, mother of Aarohi Campus student Vedant, writes about her experience of building trust and instilling responsibility in her 7 year old son on outstat...
on Jan 7, 2014

BR Hills Camp: Discover how to “live off the forest” with indigenous tribal kids

Challenging camp at BR hills for kids 10 and above, from 26th to 29th Dec 2013.
on Dec 21, 2013

2013 In Education: The ways that India learned

From greater access, online classrooms, institutional changes in higher education to more inclusivity in education in India, 2013 was one big leap in implem...
on Dec 16, 2013

When nature calls: Aarohi’s ‘Pee a Tree’ campaign

Aarohi's open campus on alternative learning is utilizing human urine as a natural fertilizer for plants and trees.
on Dec 2, 2013

Call for donations to Aarohi open campus, Hosur

Aarohi is setting up an open campus in a village near Hosur - to bring this kind of open learning opportunities for people from all walks of life.
on Nov 14, 2013