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10 books that every child interested in wildlife should read

This Wildlife Week, we list essential reads for every kid in India and beyond, interested in living with nature and wildlife on our planet.
on Oct 8, 2015

A digital platform for reading and learning in one’s mother tongue

Storyweaver hosts stories and gives you access to 800 books in languages from all across the world that you can print, translate and even sell.
on Sep 8, 2015

14 books to help your child find beauty in everyone

A list of children books that sensitively and in fun and colourful ways address topics and help children see beauty in everything around them.
on Jul 29, 2015

How a bold children’s book author is making brown beautiful

Rebecca Manari's book 'Brown like Dosas, Samosas and Sticky Chikki' teaches children self-acceptance and encourages them to celebrate diversity.
on Jul 19, 2015

Until now books have come from trees. Today, a tree will come from a book!

Planting a seed is a good idea. Planting a book full of good ideas AND seeds, even better!
on May 27, 2015

10 free online read alouds for children in Indian languages

The world is changing. From paperbacks and pop-ups to press.pause.play. These online read alouds will help your kids connect to their native language throug...
on May 14, 2015