#Bottled Water

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Who cast a vanishing spell on these potters?

The last couple of decades have seen a continuous decline in the production of clay pots due to an increase in the use of refrigerators and bottled water. ...
on Jul 27, 2015

Regular or Mineral, Madam?

Towards a country where no one buys bottled water but drinks from the tap instead.
on May 20, 2015

AmrutDhara’s ‘Water Without Waste’ campaign confronts Pondi promenaders

AmrutDhara's ‘Water Without Waste’ campaign aims at behaviour change in people while providing a sustainable alternative to bottled water.
on Apr 8, 2014

EntrepreNeo: AmrutDhara – the eco-friendly alternative to bottled water

To get rid of our national obsession with bottled water, AmrutDhara, an award winning student startup, takes a stab at a safe, eco-friendly alternative.
on Mar 11, 2014

Viewpoint: Eco friendly trendier than Nestle’s ‘Resource’

Nestlé has launched “Resource”, a premium water for the high flying woman of today. Never mind that bottled water is never priced at good value, create...
on Jun 14, 2013

Does your packaged drinking water contain minerals or pollutants?

Hold off from guzzling cold packaged drinking water. Samples collected from 34 units of packaged potable water in Chennai were found to be unsafe.
on Jun 6, 2013