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[Video]: Julia Roberts aka Mother Nature is speaking. Are you listening?

Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Edward Norton, Penelope Cruz, and a bunch of other stars are saying one thing: Nature doesn't need us. We need Nature.
on Oct 14, 2014

Watch how these guys save a dog’s life and have your faith in humanity restored

Canine crusaders from Udaipur rescue a street dog that fell into a tar pit and nurse it back to health!
on Oct 13, 2014

#CaughtOurAttention: When Bangaloreans got creative with puddles

In this hilarious photo series, Eshwar S, Bangalore Mirror photographer, takes a 'pot'shot at rainwashed Bangalore roads.
on Oct 11, 2014

Stop all the clocks: HMT Watches to shut down

The government ordered legendary Indian watch manufacturers HMT Watches to shut, after more than 5 decades of expert craftsmanship couldn't turn profit.
on Sep 12, 2014

SmartCane: Using sonar to help the visually impaired

A group of Indians just developed the world's cheapest smart guiding cane for the visually impaired - the SmartCane.
on Sep 3, 2014

Indians live the most sustainable lifestyle – Greendex Report

Can we change our communities and neighbourhoods to reflect the high standard of sustainable living our Greendex score says we have?
on Aug 19, 2014