#Campus Sustainability

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SECMOL school – A place where children learn for life

Besides being sustainable in its functioning, SECMOL School equips its students with all the skills needed to solve real problems they face daily.
on Nov 25, 2015

Sustainable Campuses: 5 ways Christ University makes sure all its waste is recycled

If you think going to college is a waste of time, Christ University will probably make sure you segregate it first.
on Aug 26, 2015

Water Husbandry: 4 simple ways hotels can be water wise

Niranjan Khatri walks us through simple water husbandry techniques to keep hotels on the path to sustainability.
on Dec 10, 2013

Towards sustainable cities, one campus at a time

The inaugural event of the Tie-IIHS 'The Sustainable City' series brought together academics, decision makers, students and entrepreneurs to discuss how cam...
on May 2, 2013

Sustainable Campuses: Inaugural event of the TiE-IIHS Sustainable City Series

In recognition of Earth Day, TiE/IIHS will be partnering with R.V. College of Engineering to hold the inaugural event in the series, entitled 'Sustainable C...
on Apr 14, 2013

IIM-Bangalore: Walking the campus sustainability course

With 30+ recharge wells driving down water bills, waste converted to biogas to power kitchens and solar power for heaters, IIM Bangalore takes its campus su...
on Apr 12, 2013