#Catch Even Drop – Be Water Wise

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East Vs West – Addressing the real and impending global water crisis

An analysis of the water crisis in Western developed nations with efficient public systems and India's disappearing traditional systems.
on Mar 26, 2014

Closing the tap on Bangalore’s leaky water

When 42% of the water piped to the city is lost in leakage in a city that is steadily running dry, measuring drips is the first step to saving it.
on Apr 10, 2013

When water becomes a commodity – the Jakkur well story

The true cost of water is captured when it is returned to nature at no negative impact.
on Mar 29, 2013

Water Scarcity: it is time we looked to the skies for answers

In a city that receives over 950 mm of rainfall, we need to only look skywards - rain water harvesting, to solve our water problems.
on Mar 29, 2013

Watering the garden, the Lalbagh way

The iconic Lalbagh, spread over 240 acres is a model for water wisdom.
on Mar 25, 2013

Sewage is a much bigger problem than water supply in Bangalore

We pump out over 1000 MLD of sewage out of our city everyday, polluting our rivers and lakes and contaminating our groundwater. It is time we took care of o...
on Mar 25, 2013