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Locate the nearest scrap dealer in Chennai using Kabadiwalla Connect

Kabadiwalla Connect is an information service that connects people to local scrap dealers and shows how much waste is being recycled in the neighbourhood.
on Jul 15, 2015

Chennai Coastal Cleanup volunteers cleared up 29 tons of waste in a single day!

The sixth edition of Chennai Coastal Cleanup saw 5,500 people cleaning up 20km of coastline and collect 29 tons of waste, 16 tons of which will be recycled.
on Jun 16, 2015

Stores We Heart: Goli Soda da! Chennai store redefines upcycling with its quirky products

Goli Soda is not just a store where you find up-cycled, organic, environmentally friendly and locally sourced products. It is a place which brings together ...
on Apr 24, 2015

Caste, Class, and the ‘Classical’ – What we are attempting with the Urur Olcott Festival, Chennai

This is not exquisite classical for fisherfolk as much as it is an opportunity for Carnatic to perform alongside other exquisites – where Villu-paattu ush...
on Jan 12, 2015

The Green Bazaar Chennai 2: Renew, Restore, Repeat – Conversations about conservation

The Green Bazaar Chennai's 2nd Edition held on Dec 7th, in an all day sustainability experience mela, brought conservation into focus.
on Dec 18, 2014

Meera Maran, Terra Earthfood: ‘Wholesome food must never be an apology’

Meera Maran's Chennai based Terra Earthfood brings eco-friendly, natural versions of traditional Indian foods to the city.
on Dec 15, 2014