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Why we all need to hear Pancho’s story

With improved service delivery of ICDS, preventive rather than reactive approach to tackling malnutrition and better community outreach, the nutrition statu...
on Dec 14, 2015

From Salt Lake to under the Dhakuria Bridge: How I experienced the other side working on a survey

Teerna Bhattacharya recounts how she got a reality check volunteering for CRY in Kolkata.
on Oct 12, 2015

Will the wheel turn towards the rights of children?

Allowing children to work in ‘family enterprises’ amounts to perpetuating the caste system under the guise of ‘traditional occupations’.
on Sep 12, 2015

Laying the primary foundation for child rights protection in India

Recognizing every child as an integral part of the state and its role in ensuring their rights of protection, survival and their development.
on Sep 11, 2015

How legalizing child work may impact the future of millions of children

Indian government wants to make amendments to Child Labour Law, allowing children below 14 years to work in ‘family enterprises’.
on Jun 1, 2015

Saving the children of Marathwada from the vagaries of migration

Kumar Nilendu of CRY details what happens to the children of Marathwada when suicides and migration plague its dry, dusty and water-starving landscape
on May 13, 2015