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Can India achieve its dream of Corporate Sustainability, Clean Energy and Green Infra?

A World Bank study conducted last year found that environmental degradation resulting from natural disasters, deforestation and water/air pollution cost Ind...
on Nov 25, 2015

90 million lives in India will be powered thanks to this project

The superhighway is the world's first multi-terminal Ultra-high voltage direct current (UHVDC) transmission system, capable of sending power across vast dis...
on Nov 13, 2015

Sweden to become the world’s first nation to end reliance on fossil fuels

The Scandinavian nation already meets two-thirds of its electricity requirements from non-fossil fuels energy sources, mainly hydroelectric and nuclear.
on Nov 5, 2015

Manoj Bhargava: A monk who sold his ferrari and built himself a hybrid cycle

“Talks don’t help anyone out of poverty. Awareness doesn’t reduce pollution, grow food or heal the sick. These take doing. The solutions are here. Gre...
on Oct 29, 2015

In GE’s dramatic growth in the clean energy sector, what has it achieved?

The story of a multi-million dollar company that took an orthogonal turn from being one of the world's worst pollutants to one of the greenest.
on Oct 15, 2015

The 2nd wheel revolution: Smart and eco-friendly electric scooters from Ather Energy

Ather Energy's eco-friendly electric scooter curbs air and noise pollution while making sure you don't spend a fortune on fuel.
on Sep 25, 2015