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Why we all need to hear Pancho’s story

With improved service delivery of ICDS, preventive rather than reactive approach to tackling malnutrition and better community outreach, the nutrition statu...
on Dec 14, 2015

The invisible factor of malnutrition – Stunting

Melvin Alex, an intern at CRY’s Media mentorship program writes about Indian kids suffering from stunted growth as a result of insufficient nourishment.
on Nov 23, 2015

We owe the children of our country a healthy start to their lives

Melvin Alex, an intern at CRY's Media mentorship program writes about why we must care for the health of young children in our country.
on Nov 3, 2015

A mural for a moral: Children paint to make a point on Child labour

On a bright and sunny Saturday, CRY volunteers came together to paint the walls of Hosur Road in a myriad hue of colours to raise awareness on child labour.
on Jun 2, 2015

How can we get school dropouts to go back?

Surveys by CRY volunteers show that poverty is the main reason why children in urban poor areas drop out of school, and not disinterest in studies.
on Feb 2, 2015

[Voices] Integrating CSR in the DNA of the organisation is the way ahead

The ingrained view that CSR is mere philanthropy needs to change, if people are to take CSR more seriously.
on Dec 15, 2014