#Design For Sustainability

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Designing for Destruction

The ultimate vision of DFD in building deconstruction would be that elements could be packaged and sent away for reuse almost as neatly as they arrived when...
on Dec 15, 2015

[Beauty of Recycling] How Industrial design in India could benefit from taking a Cradle to Cradle approach

If the polluter pays principle is enforced more stringently by the government, then industries will be pushed into exploring the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) appr...
on Nov 24, 2015

Drops and dropouts: How rainwater harvesting is helping children stay in school

The film “Rainwater Harvesting: From books to fields”, showcases how rooftop rainwater harvesting can also bring about social and economic change.
on Nov 4, 2015

James Cameron gives us a sneak peek at his new Avatar…as a solar energy champion

James Cameron gave his wife a flower garden consisting of photovoltaic sunflowers that will generate 90% of the electricity for their sustainable school.
on Oct 12, 2015

EcoJam: A Design For Sustainability Make-a-Thon: Nov 22-23, 2014

A chance for innovators to come together with experts, entrepreneurs, and design thinkers to re-imagine a more sustainable future over a 24-hour Make-a-Thon...
on Nov 19, 2014

Design Matters: Farhan Akhtar tells you to think innovative design for your new home

Building a new home? These ads, by a construction company, tell us that we need to rethink our "as advertised" buying strategy.
on Nov 13, 2014