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Ashwin Karthik: ‘We need supportive schools and workplaces for an inclusive India’

India's first BE graduate with Cerebral Palsy (Quadriplegic), Ashwin Karthik brings out an extraordinary story of determination, strength, and friendship.
on Jan 2, 2015

Lift Labs’ Liftware spoons help Parkinson’s patients eat steady again

The spoon-steadying technology, developed by Lift Labs, was recently acquired by Google.
on Nov 26, 2014

[Films for Change] ‘Sampoorna: A Beginning’ – Music therapy for autism

Nishant Ratnakar's film shows how Sampoorna helps kids with autism overcome speech impediments and social anxiety through music therapy.
on Dec 3, 2013

Can we have dignified security norms for the differently abled?

The nightmare of a marketing professional who was asked to strip down and remove her artificial prosthetic leg at security check in the Mumbai airport.
on Jul 29, 2013

A wristband to help the blind identify notes

Charandeep Kapoor invented Notex wristband, as a money identification solution for visually impaired population of India.
on Jun 19, 2013

White Print: “The beauty of life”

Try hard to smile Even in your difficult times For it’s in your hands To set a happy frequency of the radio of life.
on Jun 17, 2013