#DIY Lifehacks

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on Aug 14, 2015

28 weirdly awesome ways to upcycle Tin

If you are in to upcycling, then this article is for you.
on Aug 8, 2015

5 quick tips to survive the monsoons

Turn your love-hate relationship with the rains into a full-blown affair with the monsoons.
on Jul 25, 2014

[DIY] 15 ways to reuse newspapers at home

Didn't know newspapers make excellent cleaning, stuffing or composting tool? If not recycling, here's what to do with your taaza khabar everyday.
on Jun 24, 2014

7 Tips to Make Your Cloth Pads Last Longer

Cloth pads have an initial up-front cost that pays off over time; most users report savings of over USD 500 (INR 30,000)!
on Mar 26, 2014

[In Pictures] DIY Lifehacks: Easy to make upcycled home decor

These pictures show that waste from our daily usage can be turned into beautiful upcycled home decor with not even a penny out from your pocket.
on Mar 13, 2014