#DIY with Kids

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Fresh Ideas for 2015: 9 ways to organize an eco-friendly birthday party

10 things you can do differently this time around to make your child's birthday healthier, waste free, fun, and an experience to remember!
on Jan 2, 2015

[DIY Crafts] Fill up your treats in this DIY Easter Bunny Basket

Here's how you can turn a plastic bottle into a seasonal DIY Easter Bunny Basket for treats this Easter Sunday!
on Apr 22, 2014

Everywoman: A mother who makes DIY crafts with her daughter

Molly Dhiman and her daughter love spending time with each other, as well as making DIY crafts together!
on Mar 25, 2014

[In Pictures] DIY Lifehacks: Easy to make upcycled home decor

These pictures show that waste from our daily usage can be turned into beautiful upcycled home decor with not even a penny out from your pocket.
on Mar 13, 2014

Pic Your Green Goodie: Waste decorated terracota pot

Broken pieces of porcelain cups and mugs, which were too dear to be thrown away.
on Jun 18, 2013

Pic Your Green Goodie : Porcelain wall decor

Prevented wasting broken pieces of porcelain cups and mugs.
on Jun 18, 2013