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The bittersweet story of salt – Part I

We love salt because it can enhance the flavours and tastes of food. But, are we taking our love for it a bit too far?
on Oct 8, 2015

One thing we urgently need post the Maggi controversy: A better understanding of food labels

Setting aside the maggi controversy for a second, let's look at processed foods and decode food labels to see what we can learn about the food that we buy.
on Jun 8, 2015

TA Weekends: Events this weekend you shouldn’t miss in Bangalore

Mango party and yarn bombing! This is going to be one crazy weekend!
on May 30, 2015

South Summer Snippets: Adopt these local wellness practices to beat the heat

India's hottest states are brimming with cool ideas to combat the effects of intense heat. Here are summer snippets that people in the south use to keep the...
on May 12, 2015

7 ways to stay cool this summer

Staying cool in summer is not just about comfort. High temperatures can lead to worsening of Multiple Sclerosis, Addison’s Disease etc.
on Apr 10, 2015

[Voices] #BeefBan: If a cow could speak

Vegan Sejal Parikh, in the voice of an Indian cow, gives a third point of view in the #BeefBan debate--that of the animal in question itself.
on Mar 30, 2015