#Eco-friendly Festivals

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Different Wali Diwali: People who made the festival all about the community

Here’s a sneak peek at how people from different parts of India celebrated an eco-friendly and socio-conscious Diwali.
on Nov 12, 2015

[Poll] How green was your Ganesh Chaturthi this year?

Did all the buzz around making Ganesh Chaturthi clean and eco-friendly make a difference to your celebrations this year? Take the poll and share your though...
on Sep 25, 2015

Visarjan as a way of completing the circle of life

How do we revive the original beauty and connectedness of a ritual while looking after our natural environments?
on Sep 11, 2015

Green festivals or green-washing festivals?

If we want to truly honour the "lord of ecology and environment", then merely buying a green idol won't do.
on Sep 9, 2015

PhotoStop: Creating a Bommai Golu is all about DIY

Hammering in the Bommai golu steps, lovingly dressing up Marapacchi dolls, preparing homemade snacks—Navratri is a time when creativity flourishes at hom...
on Sep 26, 2014