#Everyday Heroes

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The story of a disability evengelist: How Asif lost his eyesight at 16 and gained so much more

At the age of 16, when Asif lost his eyesight because of a genetic disorder, instead of wallowing in self-pity he took it upon himself to cultivate his othe...
on Dec 4, 2015

Escaping the rat race and regaining one’s sanity at The MadMan’s Farm

A group of people in Madhya Pradesh have escaped the rat race by growing their own organic food, eating with friends and living in leisure.
on Nov 19, 2015

How a Delhi chaiwallah ended up authoring 24 books

Spardha Pandey shares the saga of Laxman Rao's struggle and endless determination to be a writer.
on Nov 6, 2015

UNSUNG – Extraordinary Lives: A tribute to ordinary Indian citizens working selflessly for the community

‘UNSUNG-Extraordinary Lives’ will feature stories of eight Unsung Heroes from across India. Read on to know more about the project and how you can contr...
on May 22, 2015

Meet Jadav Molai Payeng, the man who single-handedly planted a 1,360 acre thriving forest

Bangaloreans finally got to meet the elusive and extremely inspiring Forest Man of India, Jadav Molai Payeng, at TEDX, who tells us what we can do for our f...
on Aug 16, 2014

India’s Unsung heroes: Our firefighters

They work in odd shifts and attend to distress calls at any time of the day. They comes in suit armed with their tools and rescue the dames and dudes in dis...
on Aug 15, 2013